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Hey peeps, like finally im back blogging again? I miss writing and almost everyday i still think about this blog. Here i am and i will try my best to dedicate my time in writing more for CCC. I've got some crazy-ass recipes i would like to share with all the readers. But before i start writing any recipes or the food events i been to throughout the time i been MIA, let me start with some news....

The bad news....

My grandmother's restaurant which is currently operating for 84 years in Petaling Street, KL is finally and officially going to be closed down by the end of this month (August) due to the MRT project in parts of Chinatown KL. This news has shattered my heart as all my early childhood yee sang, mooncakes and zhong (Chinese rice dumplings) will never be ever be savored again anymore. Yook Woo Hin will always be in my heart and the legacy still runs in my soul. I will miss you as much as i miss my late grandmother.
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Secondly, for the good news, ill be back blogging. Mini studio is done and hopefully pictures would come out perfectly. Some updates from the past food events i attended will be posted on CCC's facebook page and many more to come :)

DSC_0117 low res
Testing the plexiglass

Turtle Macarons
Some random "failed" macarons which turns out to be a forever alone turtle macaron :P 

Lastly, i also created a Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr account for CCC, do follow me for updates :) 

The author that misses the blog


Fabulous Food 1Malaysia 2011 with celebrity chef Martin Yan

When it comes to this event, the first thing that pops to mind is food porn. Not the usual food porn which makes you salivate but the kind where you’re fascinated with the food art. From birds, chickens and all sorts of animals which is decorated with food ingredients. Some crafted from vegetables and some nicely decorated with the beautiful knife skills of these Chinese chefs. To me, Chinese chefs are associated with good knife skills which is only done with one buther knife to cut all kinds of shape with any kind of ingredient. As the Chinese say, one knife cuts all.
Chinese are always very particular and auspicious as a person themselves. When it comes to food, it is the exact same thing. Every food has its own meaning which is why some food must be served during Chinese new year and some are actually forbidden. I just love seeing all the plating made by a Chinese restaurant because it always brings a meaning and a story to tell and most of the time, humungous. If you ever wondered why the Chinese eat so much all the time, its actually because the rich always said, its better to have more food than less on a family dining table. 
Besides the food displays, there's also the exhibition which doesnt so interest me, except for this machine! :) 
I was really lucky at this event because during then, I met a really great Chinese chef that I highly respect. A celebrity chef to be precise, Chef Martin Yan was in Lee Kum Kee’s booth cooking,teaching and also giving out his food to try to the public.
More pictures about Fabulous Food 1Malaysia are available on CCC's Facebook Page 
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