California Raisin Seminar by Chef Nathan Mitchell Stamm

A while back, i was invited to California Raisin's Seminar by Chef Nathan Mitchell Stamm at the Sheraton Imperial KL. To me, this seminar was not just a sharing session but more of a professional course. Chef Nathan Mitchell Stamm from Johnson & Wales was giving detailed explanation of bread making and how raisins can be part of the staple food with nutritional benefits and wonderful flavours.

After taking about 2 days of preparations at the hotel, this was the food they provided us for a food tasting during the tea time break. Every dish had California Raisins and being a chef himself, he couldn't have made raisins ever more lovable not just by the kids but adults too.

All the Gold in California Raisin Foccacia

California Raisin Cloud

California Raisin Brioche
Couronne Aux California Raisin

I personally feel raisins are good snacks and obviously adding it to desserts for nutritional benefits and additional flavour from the natural sweetness is just perfect and wonderful.

Besides that, I also received a recipe book that consists of a collections of recipes by the local chefs in the industry using California Raisins. It was a great inspiration to see how raisins can also be added into hot food for cooking.

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Fabulous Food 1Malaysia 2012

Heritage food and street food is our Malaysian pride and this time of the year is the time we boast to the world how much colourful and different is our cuisines from the rest. With culture influences from all sorts, we have probably the most "fusion" food you can think off. 

If you havent been to this part of the world, what are you waiting for? Especially at this time of the year, we have the best to serve you with :) Food events like this are one of the examples of what's going on at this time of the year.

The Fabulous Food 1Malaysia, where all chefs and F&B businessman and corporates gather together in one hall to show their creative dishes, promote and feel proud of what they have to offer to the culinary line. Every year, Fabulous Food 1Malaysia would choose a signature dish and this year's dish would be; Yong Tau Foo, Mee Rebus and the all time favourite, rojak!

Now, besides these amazing dishes are other dishes filled with so much creativity it would leave people in awe. Now, even chef's are artist and the plate is a chef's canvas.

Some common ingredients are found in our tropical rain forest
Artistic skills by the chefs 

Desserts with bird nest perhaps? 

And more artistic skills 

First time seeing this, 100% chocolate. Apparently this supplier is the first in Malaysia to supply this chocolate.

Want to see more about Malaysian Food and Culture? 
Do visit Tourism Malaysia for more info about my country.

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MIGF 2012 - The Grand Finale

Here comes an ending month of fine dining gluttony. With great festival menus from our top fine dining restaurants in Malaysia, its now the time we can conclude whose the best at what they did. 

Even before the day of the MIGF Media Launch, we can see Masterchefs, Gourmands and Foodies all anticipated for the great 12th Malaysia International Gourmet Festival. With a great new event of Taste MIGF to this years special, everyone was busy participating in every ways they can for one reason. To prove whose the best in the gastronomical scene in this country. 
Gastronomically a symphony of sound for the month of October with an ending of a 'Oppa Gourmet Style'. It made a lot of people laugh to see how Dato Steve Day made his appearance this time around. And with so much fun from the festival organizers as well as  the masterchefs and the crowd. We all knew it was gonna be the time to face reality. Who was the real winner? 

Golden Cauldron
The Olive

Most Creative Restaurant at the Gala Launch
The Westin Kuala Lumpur - Five Sen5es, Prego, Q-Ba (People's Choice)
The Genting Group - The Olive & Imperial Rama (Judge's Choice)

Most Creative Food Presentation at the Gala Launch

Prego (People's Choice)
The Olive (Judge's Choice)

Most Innovative Cuisine at the Gala Launch

The Olive (People's Choice)
The Olive (Judge's Choice)

Most Outstanding Cuisine

Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie (People's Choice)
The Olive (Judge's Choice)

Chef Congeniality

Chef Daniel Sheen, The Olive

Most Creative Festival Menu

Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie

Best Value Menu

Makan Kitchen

Best Festival Offers


Best Marketed Restaurant

Genting Group, Imperial Rama and The Olive

Most Creative Dining Experience

Five Sen5es

Outstanding Festival Achievement Award

The Sunway Group

Best Canapes/Pre Dinner

West Lake Garden

Best Soup

Dynasty - Fish Mall Cabbage & Ocean Treasure Bouillon

Best Appetizers

Imperial Rama - Lobster combination Salad

Best Starter

Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie - Pan Fried Duck Liver, Roasted Apple in a Buttered Brioche Mille – Feuille, Apple Emulsion

Best Entree

Grill 582 - Ocean Trout, Tomato Ketchup Dressing & Fennel Salad

Best Main

The Olive - Wagyu Short Rib, Smoked Porcini Risotto, Parsnip Puree

Best Dessert

New Orleans Bar and Grill - Trilogy – Seasonal Berries in Fusion, Warm Pecan Tartlet and Vanilla Chocolate Mousse

*The above list is not including Award of Excellence

And it continues with our Malaysian Street Food as the month of November and December is dedicated for Heritage Food and Street Food. 

Sexy Gourmet Style? ...only for MIGF! 

More pictures are available on CCC's Facebook Page

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