Gingerbread House @ Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

Last weekend, CCC got invited by thenormadGourmand to head on over to the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia for Gingerbread House in a hands on cooking class. Thanks Rebecca!

I was so excited to enter their kitchen for a hands on cooking demo and to gain extra knowledge from expert chefs! Plus it doesn't hurt since pastry isn't my strongest point ey?

On the day of our cooking class, The Director of Pastry Arts and Head Chef, Chef Guillaume Lejuene was our host of the day. Turns out Chef Guillaume has 13 years of international experience in teaching, demonstrating in Hospitality Institutes as well as hands on experience within Michelin starred hotels and restaurants (France, Middle East and Asia). Can you believe it? 13 years!

Step 2

Chef Guillaume Lejuene teaching us how to use the "cement" or in proper culinary language, royal icing to "glue" up the pieces of gingerbread wall to create a house :)

step 4

step 5

Chef Guillaume Lejuene explains in depth the procedures, recipes, differences between what others do and why. But most importantly, he is willing to answer any questions asked by students very patiently and detailed. Chef would you like to come over to my house to teach me everyday? :D

step 8

Chef Guillaume glue-ing all the pieces together and decorating.

Oh and last but not least, sifting some icing sugar above the Gingerbread house will give it the illusion of snow, just like in western countries. It also *aherm* helps your house to not end up looking like a "rumah papan".

Full recipe will be given in a seperate post in conjunction with Christmas! :)

And this is my house, obviously with my CCC watermark on it :D

And if you're interested and excited to learn more on Christmas Delights at Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, there's 2 full day classes being offered by them this 13th and 14th December which only cost RM250 a class, maybe that could be the start of you baking for Christmas. CCC will gladly come sample your fruits of labor.

Besides gingerbread houses, we also had a tea time session with Chef Guillaume Lejuene and Hanne Landgraf from AoPA, Jade Wong from Mustard Tree Communications and the rest of the friendly bloggers, String of MemoriesPure Glutton, Ipoh Mari Talak Sombong, and You Get What You Give.

So what kind of food did we feast on?


Macaroons! That's what I thought, but sadly they were only for decoration :( maybe next time i could try AoPA's macaroons, hehe. Oh-so-tempting!


Cardamom Honey and Lemon Cinnamon Cookies made me feel so Christmas-ey while I was nomming away. It was simple and just nice to start off with :)

stollen & chocholate moelleux

Stollen(top) and Chocolate Moelleux(bottom).

Stollen - German tradisional Christmas loaf-shaped cake containing dried fruit and covered powdered sugar.

Chocolate Moelleux - Chocolate cake with a slight melted center topped with raspberry and edible gold leaves.

Petit Four

And the most special of all, Petit Fours.

Raspberry & Passionfruit Petit Fours(left) - Chocolate shell as a base with raspberry jam,whipped ganache (passionfruit + vanilla), biscuit joconde, guimauve (that square of yellow spongey which looks a little like tofu), topped with more chocolate and raspberry. This tasted sweeeet, mouth watering and one will never be enough. Everything melts in your mouth with such heavenly blend.

Strawberry Petit Fours(right) - The other variation of the raspberry and passionfruit petit fours with whipped ganache which is made from strawberries and vanilla. I am craving for more while I'm writing this!


The students self made experiment which they named, Chocolate Caramel Cake, which was made from chocolates, creams and mousses. It looks alot like an Opera Cake. Looks really tempting but we weren't offered any as it was a project/assignment. Wonder how the lecturer evaluates them. Hmmm :D

Did I mention how spacious this academy is?
An impressive whopping 8,000 square feet of space is set aside just for the chocolate room, bakery room, pastry kitchen, pastry room, wedding cake room, chef’s lounge and classrooms. It spacious, clean and so well organized. Just the right elements for some kitchen education.

And according to the students(we had a little chit chat), their normal classes has a maximum of 15 students per class and they have got a lecturer and a kitchen assistant to guide them throughout the class. Thats a great way to learn right? Its so hands-on! And it definitely affords more attention to detail.

Special workshops held at AoPA with world reknown chefs which cost RM2000 to outsider is free if you're the student enrolled in here. Thats just so nice of them to provide students with more extra knowledge.


With a vision to become one of South East Asia’s best pastry schools, The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia will operate as a hub for all pastry and baking activities where students will have the opportunity to learn from the best pastry chefs around the world.

The Academy’s main focus is to train students through the Certificate programs. The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia offers:
• 3 month certificate program in Pastry and Bakery (Full time)
• 3 month certificate program in Pastry and Bakery (Part time)
• 3 month certificate program in Bakery (Full time)
• 9 month certificate program in Pastry and Bakery

Besides the full time courses they provide, there are also half day, full day, 2 days, 5 days and also world reknown chefs classes.

The short term courses include:
• Cheesecake
• Chocolate for Beginners
• Chocolates and Praline
• The Art of French Pastry
• Tea Cakes, Cookies & Bar

Click here for updated schedule and updates

An impressive line-up of pastry chefs and baking champions will be conducting courses at the academy. They include notable names such as:
  • Chef Guillaume Lejeune: Director of Pastry Studies, Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia
  • Master Pastry Chef Matthias Schuebel: Pastry Olympic Gold Medalist chef, Masters Degree in Pastry & Confectionery
  • Chef Keith Hurdman : Winner of Double Gold Medalist World Chocolate Award, London (2007)
  • Chef Michel Willaume: Pastry World Champion, 2001 which he won representing Team USA in Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon, France
  • Chef Stéphane Tréand: Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftman in France), 10 Best Pastry Chefs in the USA by the Pastry Art and Design Magazine (2007/2008).
  • Jean-Marie Auboine: Pastry Instructor, World Pastry Forum

Lot 2-A, 2nd Floor
Wisma Thrifty
19 Jalan Barat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603-7960-3846 / Fax: +603-7960-3848

*Photos credited to Chuen from String of Memories


Dome food vouchers up for grabs!

In one of my previous post on Dome Food Tasting Event, I mentioned that I'll be giving out free food vouchers to my lovely readers. Yes here it is, your dream come true! :)

I'm giving out 8 vouchers to 8 lucky readers to enjoy one of Dome 10 Iconic Classics for FREE!

Dome Food Vouchers

Terms and Condition
* Valid only at Dome The Gardens Mall outlet
** Valid till 31 December 2010
*** Valid for one complimentary Dome Iconic Classic with any oder from our main course selection

How to win?
2. Comment this blog post with "I would like Dome food vouchers because" with at least 5 words
*Submission of blog post with personal details of Facebook Name and Email Address.
**Contest ends on 2nd of December, 11.59pm.

Random and creative winners will be picked and will be notified through my Facebook Fan Page on 3rd of December.


Stir Fry Beef Noodles @ Restoran Say Huat

If you have been reading CCC regularly, you would know I haven't actually done a proper food review.
And so, this is it, my very first food review. *pops that cherry*

My personal favourite which I can eat everyday, and which I love bringing my friends for is
Ah Hock Side Dishes for Stir Fry Beef Noodles at Restoran Say Huat, Section 17, PJ.

Alright, if you are familiar with this area and shop, you should know that this hawker shop's Chow Kuey Teow which happens to be pretty famous.
They used to be my favourites in this shop too, but ever since i tried the Stir Fry Beef Noodles, I've never ordered anything else, there's no turning back now.

Stir Fry Beef Noodles

This Stir Fry Beef Noodles is cooked to perfection! Well cooked keoy teow, with caramelized onions and veges, intense wok hei(wok's breath) and last but not least the tender, generous and well marinated beef slices. Oh and not to forget that homemade chili mix, perfect blend with the Stir Fry Beef Noodle.

This is the first thing i would want to recommend my readers to eat. And its only priced at RM5 :) After trying this and leaving the shop with a satisfied tummy and dinner, the next thing that would come to your mind is when is the next round, trust me!

I once brought a friend to eat this and she ordered a second plate even when she was all full. Can you imagine a girl eating two servings? heh

Ah Hock Side Dishes

This is too good to be true, BUT only come to this stall at night because his uncle who cooks in the afternoon is not as good as his nephew who cooks at night. A young talented chef whom, if I owned a Chinese restaurant, I would certainly grab him and make him my sous chef.

Besides that, also make sure he cooks the stir fry beef noodles with fried egg and not semi-raw egg serve above the noodles like those carbonara kind.

Restoran Say Huat

Still not impressed yet?
Or you couldn't be able to eat beef due to religious reasons?
Do not change your mind about this stall because the cook is young, talented and very very innovative. Ask for chefs special. Yes, he does offer some Chef's Special which is not on the menu and almost all the time, and I almost never get the name of the dish, due to the ingredients name being in cantonese but who cares? I enjoy eating away. It always suprises me and its always good. What are you waiting for? Go and have a great dinner tonight!

Ah Hock Side Dishes, Restoran Say Huat,
Jalan 17/27,
Petaling Jaya


INVITED EVENT - Starbucks Food Tasting

Disclaimer: This is a preview to the cafe 

Starbucks = Java Chips + Tiramisu + Great Cheesecakes?
Starbucks Malaysia now offers quite a large snack menu, with more choices just for their loyal customers.

Which one's your personal favourite among all these hmm?

Starbucks Java Chip Ice Blended

In the last post on Starbucks Juice, I mentioned my favourite was Java Chip Ice Blended, this is my personal favourite and I just can't leave Starbucks without having at least one of these, they rock!
Go try it out if you like something which is a lil bit coffee, a lil bit chocolate and a whole lotta love. I am 99% convinced thats why Starbucks is so addictive! Its all that love.


The non-alcoholic Tiramisu which never fails Starbucks standards. Its ever so smooth and has a well balanced flavour of mascarpone cheese and cocoa. Perfect for the halal stamp too!
If you haven't tried this yet, you are so not living a life! :p

Marble Cheese Cake

Marble Cheese Cake with a good crispy crust base with great semisweet chocolate and cheesecake mix :D

Chocolate Tuxedo. The name of this cake tells you how "prestige" this cake is. Smooth white chocolate mousse with dark chocolate mousse and with more chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings. If you are a chocolate lover, take no time to decide!

Blueberry Cheese Cake with its Starbucks trademark of 8 blueberries on top of a slice of this cake. A lucky charm cake for Starbucks?

Jazzy Lemon Cheese Cake

Jazzy Lemon Cheesecake, and how jazzy can that be?

Kapitan Chicken Pie

Kapitan Chicken Pie, a special Malaysian style pie which is being offered by Starbucks.

Chicken Pasta Snack

Chicken Pasta Stack which is like a lasagna with not so much filling.

Ozzie Roll
Ozzie Sausage Roll which could also be named Pigs in a Blanket? But that wouldn't sound like a good menu name in Malaysia and then people would boycott Starbucks thinking it serves pork. =.=''

Did i mention Starbucks is going to make sure every outlet has all the same menu to be offered in all the Starbucks outlets? :)

*some photos credited to Shaz


Sweet Herbal Chinese Egg Tea

When i was a kid, I visited this restaurant at Taman OUG called Ah Loy Restaurant and since then I think I've discovered something really special. (:

A tea based tong shui which is sweet and with a little tinge of bitterness from the tea and herbs with an egg in the tong shui to balanced up the bitterness.

So here it is, an even better homemade version of that! It took me quite a while to research all this, spending so much time at various yok choi poh(chinese medicine shop) buying herbs, testing it, asking friends and family and also checking almost all the herbs website online.

But anyhoo, it turned out delicious! So do enjoy!

Sweet Herbal Chinese Egg Tea
For Herbs Mixture,
Wu Yi Tea (Wu Yi Cha, 武夷茶)
Mulberry Mistletoe Stems (Sang Ji Sheng, 桑寄生)
Rehmannia Root/Chinese Foxglove Root (Shu Di Huang, 熟地黄)
Dried Orange Peel (Chen Pi, 陈皮)
Dried Longan (Long Yan Rou, 龍眼肉)
Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui, 当归)
Szechuan Lovage Root (Chuan Xiong,川芎)
Shelled Chestnuts (Mi Zao, 蜜棗)

A cup of water per serving
Brown Sugar to taste

Best to ask the sifu(master) in the yok choi poh(chinese medicine shop) to choose the ingredients for you because it would be a trouble to get specific amount of all the herbs. Make sure you tell them that this recipe is meant to be sweet.

1. Rinse the herbs twice (For hygienic purpose)
2. Boil herbs and water with low fire for at least 1-2 hours.
3. While herbs are boiling, cook hard boil eggs in a separate pot.
4. Remove shell from hard boil eggs and toss them back into the boiling herbs/ egg tea to allow them to absorb some flavour and leave for about half an hour.
5. Add brown sugar to taste and serve cold or warm with egg and longan.

Egg Tea is traditionally eaten cold. And trust me you would prefer the cold one over the hot ones.

Honestly readers, this is my second secret recipe( first one is on 芋虾 (Yu Xia) ).
Aren't you lucky?
I didn't share that recipe 'cause I felt this recipe's a little bit more special, plus its healthier and last but not least, though I may not know all of you personally, I love you ALL! Enjoy!


INVITED EVENT - Dome's Food Tasting

Disclaimer: This is a preview to the restaurant

DOME, the first thing that comes to my mind is coffee and a great place to mingle.
But everything changed since the day stepped into a Dome's Food Tasting event.
Never knew they served such an array of food.
Let me enlighten you readers, okay? :)
What they had to offer really suprised me!

Dome's current promotion offers a wide-ranging menu of iconic favourite's from all-day breakfast, hot kitchen specials, pies and cakes.

Spicy Olio Pasta

And one of the first iconic item i tried, Spicy Olio Pasta. This was cooked with beef bacon bits, capsicums, chili flakes and garlic! Its damn flavourful, trust me! Some people were complaining its a little oily but thats what an olio pasta should be right? Olio means olive oil in Italian. And its all good oil which gives you health benefits anyways.;)

Besides that, it wasn't that spicy even thou the name of it is called Spicy Olio Pasta which is a good thing for non chili lovers. And for you chili lovers, you can just request for some extra chili flakes. Noms away!

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

Gourmet Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Gourmet Chicken and Mushroom Pie, after taking pictures of this and hearing everyone rawring about this, I just had to try it!

However it was gone after a few minutes! And probably half way getting digested by the everyones stomach ):
Guessed it must have be awesome and special but I didn't get to try it out. Maybe next time, my Gourmet Chicken and Mushroom Pie! I'm coming for you!


Catch of the day, marinated with cajun, cumin and lemon juice. Served with sautéed vegetables, buttered rice and joinville sauce.

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake, honestly, this cake is just not my cuppa-tea and frankly I've never tried many nice tasting carrot cakes in my life. Guess I could be a lil' biased on this opinion, no offence to carrot cake lovers.

But a few highlights just to be fair. The cake was moist and served with a layer of cream cheese frosting and with that shredded coconut on the top it felt like you need to finish it all up :D

Besides the top 5 iconic items, there's also Caesar Salad, The Lot Burger, Mixed Grain, Wild Mushroom Soup, and our local Nasi Lemak. 

With all that yummy food that CCC got to try, you can bet that DOME has more to share.

They have given me 10 vouchers, but not for me. Its for me to distribute to YOU guys! (:
Lucky peeps, in my next post I'll let you know just how you can win them.
Stay tuned!


Espreski Honeycomb Goldrush, my new personal favourite which I had an immense craving for the next day. Uh-huh its that good.
Basically its a very rich Mocha ice blended serve with crunchy honeycomb chocolate and whipped cream. Yum yums! Lets go and have some :D

5158406871_e03821b31e_b copy
The other sinful cakes served in Dome, from clockwise, Tiramisu, Marble Cheesecake, Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Dome Cafe outlets in Malaysia are located at The Gardens Mall, Suria KLCC, Bintang Circle Pavilion, Pavilion KL, Bangsar Shopping Centre, IKANO Power Centre, The Curve, Subang Parade, Geleneagles Intan Medical Centre, and KLIA; Island Plaza, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall in Penang; 1Borneo Hypermall in Sabah.

And do join Dome's Facebook Page for more updates, more than 3000 people couldn't be wrong!

Stay Tuned for those Dome Food Vouchers!


MIGF 2010 Grand Finale

Last Saturday I was invited to Malaysia International Gourmet Festival '10 Grand Finale!
The verdict? AWESOME!
As you know, I was excited even before the event. I saw too many things of which I can't exactly share all of but I'll let you in on my experience, Dear Readers. Just some highlights mainly of the food since this is a food blog :) 

More pictures will be on my Facebook page.

Migf '10, I'm finally here to attend you! :) Ten years of Malaysia's finest, and here I am (:


YAM Tunku Dato’ Seri Utama Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afar, YB Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen, Dato’ Steve Day(not in the picture) and many other VIPS enjoying the show as much as the visitors.


The really great and big fireworks presentation to Celebrate 10 Magical Years


The first drink we were serve after walking the red carpet. I felt as if I was already on the beach even before I hit the beach.


The great display of our own tropical fruits which were not just for display. Anybody could just take a piece and eat :)
And I know you can't see it, but the "10" thingy in the middle is a watermelon with
"MIGF 10 Years" carved into it.


The perfectly cooked Char Kway Teow with intense flavour and wok hei(wok's breath). There wasnt pork fat or lard used and the flavour was still really great! Halal Char kway teow made to perfection! Yum yum!
The chef frying the Char Kway Teow was smiling all the way, I guess thats the special ingredient?


Satay! The que was so long for this as there were many expatriates queing for it. Peanut sauce, seasoning and marination was cooked Malaysian style except for the meat.
It was abit too tough and not fatty enough.
As any satay lover knows, all satay must have an adequate amount of fats, so the meat is still juicy and does not taste too tough even after being grilled. 
I would have loved it if they were to use chicken tight and stuff some fats in it because the texture was dry and really chewy.


Is there a difference between Malay style chicken rice and Chinese style chicken rice? What do u think? Well for this, there was a blend of both! Chicken was cooked the Malay style and the rice cook the chinese style? Maybe it was a separate chef who cooked the chicken and the rice. heh. Overall it was delish even thou it was a mix and match between the style used :)


The Ipoh Hor Fun(behind) and Asam Laksa
Asam Laksa tasted really weird. It wasn't sweet and sour enough, taste more like chicken stock with some extra seasoning. More over, it wasnt spicy enough. Maybe they were afraid the expatriates would not be able to adapt to the spicyness of the dish.
Ipoh Hor Fun tasted great. Not as good as the Ipoh ones but its really an impressive replicate.


Roti-not-so-Jala. Seriously! if you get what i mean. . .


Fried Oyster.
This is one of my favourite local chinese dish which not many could cook a good portion of this dish as it involves ingredients like starch, egg and oysters. Cooking it too long or short may result in a dramatic and totally different final product. This one at MIGF was really starchy which makes the lack of egg taste and oyster which certainly could not blend in.
Had high hopes for this, but sadly it tasted like a ball of starch.


Roti John! I wonder if the inventors name is John! :D


Fried Radish Cake. I wasn't able to try this as the que was too long and when it wasn't, I was already stuffed with the rest of the food.


Kuih Muih
Local desserts for all :)

A big round of applause to the organizers, tourism ministers and participants
(from every exec chef to all the dishwashers)
You make the standards of our local and fine dining food a completely new journey for every Malaysian and tourists.
Its now time to look forward to Fabulous Food 1Malaysia :)

Winners of this year MIGF? Details of the winner is at MIGF main website.
More photos of celebration is at my Facebook page.

Malaysia - Truly Asia!

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