MIGF 2012 Classical Chefs - Media Launch

It's that time of the year again! The world recognize, award winning gourmet festival is back. The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival(MIGF) this year is celebrated with the theme of "Classical Chefs".
For the entire month of October, twenty eight of Malaysia's gourmet restaurants will be serving special degustation(tasting) menus with special festival offers. The cuisines varies from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, French, Italian and Lebanese, and with new additions from South Korea and Latin America.
As for the public, this year MIGF will be going public with Taste MIGF. This event which is of free admission will be allowing the public to observe the fine dining scenes in Malaysia. Best of all, you could also taste all of the food with Taste Tokens which could be brought in a booklet at the cost of RM50. 
The price of the dishes would be only priced from 1-3 tokens and each token is only at the price of RM5. Imagine tasting food from gourmet restaurant at RM5! That's unbelievable in my opinion, but it's just a way to let the public savour, enjoy and understand how good are the food at these restaurants.
This event will also be accompanied by gourmet village, cooking classes and wine appreciation. What are you waiting for? A one day event only at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre this 28th September from 11am to 11pm
Wagyu Beef with Allium Tart and Winter Truffle Sauce
L' Heritage by Chef Khairuzzaman Ahmad Hadzri

Black Forest Molecular
The Olive by Chef Daniel Sheen

 Wagyu Beef Tenderloin
The Pomelo by Chef Abdelhak Bourenane
BBQ Beijing Duck with Mango and Crispy Taro SHanghainese Seared Turnip Bun
West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant by Chef Lee Yew Ken
 Ocean Trout, Tomato Ketchup dressing and Fennel Salad
Grill 582 by Chef Jaffery Othman
 Slow Roasted veal rump serve in tuna sauce pickled vegetables and capers
Nerovivo by Chef Paolo Petris
 Emperor's Trilogy Combination
The Emperor by Chef Loh Jiunn Voon
 Scallop Tartar with Caviar from Aquitaine Seashell Jelly, Blue Lobster Broth
Cuisine Gourmet by Ched Nathalie Arbefeuille

Pan Seared Wagyu Beef with fresh Mushroom, Garlic Black Pepper Juice
Dynasty by Chef  Kok Chee Kin
Wrapped Silver Cod with Aubergine, Onion and Tomato Cipollata and Basil Oil
Senja by Chef Filippo Giunta

The Sensory Signature Dim Sum Combination Plate
Five Senses by Chef Ng Kok Wai
Roast Pumpkin Soup with Bresaola and Parmesan
Prego by Chef Fahdrul Malek
A Symphony of Seafood
Qba Latin Bar & Grill by Chef Pearl Woo

Last but not least, our Malaysian Food Ambassador, Chef Wan which is highly respected by me would be having his cooking demonstration  in Taste MIGF at 11am(lunch session) and 6pm(dinner session) on the Theatre of Cuisine main stage. Make sure you mark your calenders now! 

And for those who are interested in the Taste Tokens, it can be purchase here with 5% discount!

More pictures on MIGF 2012 Media Launch are available on CCC's Facebook Page.

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