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Hello there! Welcome to CCC, or rather Click Click Culinary.

My name is Edwin Chan. To me food has always been an essential ingredient in life, I’ve always been inspired by family members who are such great cooks. Some of which have no education and then some who’ve even got PHD’s!

With a lot of passion, motivation, inspiration and perspiration, I set on the great food escapade to pursue a career in Culinary Arts.

Fortunately I have a very (till this day) supportive family which seconded my decision to pursue the Culinary Arts. And now I stand before you, with head held high, proudly say “I am a graduate in Culinary Arts”

Whenever I taste, touch or smell good food my mind goes “Hey, how did this person come up with such an awesome dish? That’s just pure genius!”

Gastronomy in itself is a never ending subject filled with research, and even though I went through professional studies, it’s just never enough so with this blog, I hope readers will share their thoughts with me and join me on this quest for knowledge. And hopefully CCC will help to educate people about food, how they eat and how to savour it.

From classroom to kitchen, I realized that cooking isn’t just well,.. food. It’s science in a nutshell!

Even thought being in the kitchen is one of the hardest parts of this job, I absolutely love the challenge. Now, nobody is perfect but with that being said, I’m quite the perfectionist, through new dishes I challenge myself. I love hearing feedbacks on my dishes good and the bad, constructive criticism is what helps me grow. As once said
"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."

My ultimate dream is to own my own eatery and share my passion for food with others.

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