Smoked Salmon Mousse

Smoked Salmon. Where do I even begin. Or probably I should not even begin telling you how much I enjoy eating smoked salmon because one blog post would definitely not be enough. And definitely would want to bore you with my long winded love for smoked salmon. But I guess you get the picture by now. I love smoked salmon. Putting it in a nutshell, everything is perfect. From the way it looks to the teasing aromatic smell to that orgasmic taste in the mouth. Every bite is fill with wonder. 

And because its all filled with wonder, I always try to make something new out of it. This time, I wanted something different to compliment the taste of smoked salmon instead of just the ordinary pasta. Here is what I did, and it paired really well.

Smoked Salmon Mousse

115gm Smoked Salmon
40ml Cream
100gm Cream Cheese
1tsp Dill, preferably fresh
1/2 nos Lemon Juice
Black Pepper

1. Blend all the ingredients except salt and pepper. 
2. Season to taste and serve in ice cream cone and sprinkle with dill

*Pairs well with dry sparkling wine

Smoked Salmon Mousse in mini Ice Cream Cone
Best served with dry sparkling wine, yums :) 


Savour 2013

Its that time of the year again when foodies in Malaysia (and maybe other parts of the world) head down to Singapore with an empty stomach just to experience the excitement the Savour. Of course, I decided to go down to Singapore as well, after all, a few of the chefs I admire most were there, I would not miss this event for the world. I arrive Singapore a few hours before the event started, and upon my arrival at Savour's Venue (F1 Pit and Paddock), I was surprise with the amount of people that are already there. The place was packed, which made me a little more excite to enter.

Before getting to the restaurant booths, I explored the Gourmet Village and Market. Many new shops and bakeries had a booth promoting their best selling product. Ranging from pastries, to tarts, cakes, baking ingredients, savoury food, turkish delights and so many more. Each section at Savour were filled with people as they were giving out a lot of free samples for all the customers to try. They almost had all the different cheese on sale and sampling as well. The fruits were so fresh and the most eye awakening part was the tomatoes. (Didn't manage to get a picture of it though). There were so many different species of tomato, so much more than the amount I thought I knew. The more interesting tomato was the Grandfather Tomato which looks like this:

Interesting right? It was something new I learnt during the event.

To purchase product/food during the event, we had to use Savour Dollars (coupon like) instead of during literate money. Which I personally think its a pretty good concept

Pink Pepper Ice Cream Macaron Sandwich

This caught my attention as they had ice cream carts going all around the event selling the sandwich cookies. And since I make my own macarons, I decided to try the macaron sandwich  best seller; Pink Pepper Ice Cream Macaron Sandwich. I was attempted to try the rest as well.
Masterclass with Chef in Black

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant did a pretty interesting demonstration as he talked about wine pairing. With that, the wiped up a dish of risotto to pair with the chardonnay he wanted to drink. I have to say that he was really entertaining and was really good at keeping the crowd going

Anyone up for Nespresso coffee?

The street for fine food

Bo Innovation

This is one of the restaurant that I must try before I die. It is definitely on the "to do before death" list. I've always been keeping up with the news on Chef Alvin Leung and even his shows. And it has never fail to inspire me time and time again as his passion and concept for the culinary line is so admirable. It was a honour to have him at this event, and it would be a bigger honour for me to dine in his restaurant in the near future.

Alvin Leung's Signature Dish #1

Alvin Leung's Signature Dish #2

Siew Loong Pau, looks different right? Shows how good his concept is. All his dishes are one of a kind deconstructed, created with pure originality. 

Joel Robuchon, L'Atelier

The Tasting Room 


I had a lot to try during the event, some food was exceptional, some food was at average but overall there was nothing to complain about in regards to the food.

Here are some of dishes that highlight my experience at the event
Hibiscus Soup and Yogurt Ice Cream as Dessert

Foie Gras Terrine

Seared Foie Gras

Plus the magnificent view of the Singapore Flyer during the event, it could not have been any better

So lets all celebrate the art of Gastronomy

Savour was good this year, therefore, I am looking forward to Savour in year 2014. For now, I also am looking forward to all the other upcoming food events that Singapore has to offer in the near future.


Coconut Candy

I remember how much I use to bug my mum to drive me all the way down to Malacca to just to buy some coconut candy from the all-time famous Tan Kim Hock. Now that I’m at this age, I can’t afford to bug my mum to drive me down to Malacca anymore even though the craving for coconut candy can be really overwhelming sometimes. That’s when I was inspired to attempt to make my own coconut candy. As a result, it turned out pretty good actually. 

 Used some colourful glass paper as wrappers

Coconut Candy
Adapted by New Year Snacks by Amy Wong

200gm Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka)
150gm Maltose
250ml Thick Coconut Milk (Santan)
1tbsp Sugar

1. Boil all the ingredients in a deep pot for about 15 minutes until thicken and colour turns deep brown colour (hard crack stage)
2. Pour mixture onto a parchment paper immediately
3. Leave to slightly cool down, form into a long strip and cut into small sectionals
4. Wrap in coloured glass papers

*Hard crack stage can be determined via this link
**Fresh coconut milk would be the best option if available in your area

 I decided to do some funky shape instead of just the usual shape


Chinese Steam Egg Custard

There is always that time in a month where the "crave" for a certain food or dish becomes more and more intense. Its can honestly get rather frustrating when I don't get to satisfy myself, especially this month when I'm craving for a dish all the way from Hong Kong. I do know of some restaurants that offers this dish in this menu, but none of them has come as close as the ones I have tried in Hong Kong.

Its none other than Chinese Steam Egg Custard

I'm one person who loves eggs and milk. Therefore this combination is a match made in heaven for me. Its sweetness complimenting the savoury after taste is pure orgasm in the mouth.

And I highly recommend for you to try this as well

Chinese Steam Egg Custard
Adapted by Dodol & Mochi

1 cup (225ml) Fresh Milk
4 tsp (20gm) Sugar
1 large Egg

1. Heat up milk and sugar until fully dissolved
2. Temper eggs with milk mixture and sieve
3. Place mixture into desired mould and steam under low heat for 15-20 minutes

*Sugar syrup can be added to adjust sweetness
**Serve warm or chilled depending on preference
***Keep an eye while boiling the milk as it might froth up

Chinese Sweet Steam Egg Custard


Easter Chocolate Chicken Eggs

Time is honestly passing so fast, it feels as though I'm on a bullet train. Feels as though it was just new years yesterday. Nevertheless, its that time of the year again, EASTER! A celebration filled with Eggs and Bunnies. Though I do not know how the concept of eggs and bunnies came about when the real meaning of Easter has no relevance to eggs and bunnies at all. With such crazy ideas that are strong enough to set such trends, why not something new for Easter this year, Chicken Eggs for Easter.

I attended a pastry class at Academy of Pastry Arts; Easter Themed yesterday and it was an amazing experience

 Credits to Chef Frédéric Oger for the class

 Academy of Pastry was kind to provide us good refreshments. Not just another refreshment table I guess

After, the long hours of preparation, molding, tempering chocolate, spraying (which was absolutely worth it), the masterpiece is finally done. I here present you
(Each of us managed to make two Chicken Eggs)
Chef Frédéric placing the decoration down

 The cutest presentation I've seen by far

 Added the chocolate fondant roses in as the final touch

 VOILA! The masterpiece is now completed

Happy Easter to all from CCC

Also did Gingerbread House at the Acedemy of Pastry Arts two years back, click here to see the post

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