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Alot of my friends usually ask me how to cook when they are curious about food. Some even give me phone calls when they're stuck and lost with their recipes. And there is this one friend who really loves to cook and always asked me to teach him a few things.  
So one day i invited a few to come over my test kitchen to have a cooking session. My friend wanted a menu which consist of Fusion food. So here it is, some pictures to let you people eat with your eyes.
Creamy Carrot Soup for the first course to fill up a 3 course meal and to teach them what is the basics of a soup.
Polenta Crusted Stuffed Chicken with Curry Leaf Mushrooms with Creamy Butter (Lai Yau) Spaghetti and Thai Style Salad served with Curry Sauce and Wasabi Mayo.
As you can see, theres influences from the European, Japanese, Italian, Thai and Malaysian. I hope that is fusion enough for them, heh!
Buffet style fine dining? Guess these people doesn't get enough of my food :P 
As for desserts, i did ice cream made out of dry ice to teach them how easy it is to make some ice creams at home.
Pineapple Dry Ice Cream and Cream Cheese Parfait with Chocolate Tabasco 
As for the drink, its called Herbiéto. My special creation :P but it doesnt look that good in a champagne glass. Maybe i should continue serving it in a claypot :) 
Ice Ice Baby


Titi Eco

A while back, i visited a really interesting organic farm. Titi Eco offers day trips, activities and also tour packages to explore their very own organic farm and also to educate people on organic food, how you should consume it and anything else regarding food.


Mr Lim who was my brother's friend gave me a day tour around the organic farm. I later found out it was a family business which was inspired by the passion of living a healthy lifestyle, eating a healthy meal and staying healthy overall.


It was quite a long drive down to Titi Town from KL to this privately owned organic farm which is only opened to public upon requests and reservations. I still remember driving pass the cows, village area and finally to see all these greenery.


The aloe vera caught my eye while driving through the first part of the plantation to get my parking spot.






Bunga Raya or rather known as hibiscus, our very own national flower.


Besides plantation, Titi Eco also rares ostrich which adds to attraction point


And the most interesting selling point of all to me is their organic food. I still remember the big fat and also juicy papaya they offered me for a bite.


Before this, i always thought passion fruit needed to be grown in a cold climate but to my surprise it is also possible to be grown in a tropical climate like ours.


I remembered the host of the day was explaining to the crowd how to differentiate the different types of passion fruits through the colour and ripeness of the fruit.


I wonder how would this taste like if it is added to my macaron recipe.


One of the few organic products Titi Eco manufactures


If you're there early, try to grab the organic fruits and vegetables during the season of growth as their still fresh.


Before i headed back to KL, the host of the day prepared a dish which was rather interesting to me as a foodie.


Organic Fruit Rojak which was made healthy by omitting the unhealthy prawn paste and introducing ulam, shredded unripe papaya, passion fruit, brown sugar and vinegar which was taken from the homemade preserved papaya.


The really nice scenery at Titi Eco.


Too bad i miss the chance to enjoy more of the organic food they serve. According to the host of the day, they make interesting dishes which contains edible flowers. I wonder how would that be like. 

Titi Eco also won Best Tour Program - Special Interest 2D1N 2005/06 by the Malaysia Tourism

More Pictures available on my Facebook Page.

Lot 1706, 1708, 1203, 1349, 1916
Sg. Rotan,
Mukim Glami Lemi, Daerah Jelebu,
71650 Negeri Sembilan.
Website :


MIGF 2011 Festival Award Winners

A night at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach concluded this year's MIGF Grand Finale with magic, fireworks and raining chefs. With 28 participating restaurants from around Malaysia, the award winners are...

MIGF 2011
Bunga Emas
Most Creative Dining Experience FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

Golden Cauldron Award for the Best All-Round Restaurant 2011 JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Creative Festival Menu of the Festival JUDGES' CHOICE
Best Marketed Restaurant of the Festival JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Outstanding Soup of the Festival - Bouquet of Cappuccino of Morels with Camarel Pear Skewer FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

Most Outstanding Cuisine at the Gala Launch PEOPLE'S CHOICE

Cuisine Studio by Nathalie
Most Innovative Cuisine at the Gala Launch JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Outstanding Starter of the Festival - Blue Lobster Mille-Feuille, a touch of caviar FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

Imperial Rama
Most Oustanding Cuisine at the Gala Launch JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Outstanding Appetiser of the Festival - Alaskan King Crab with Smoked Duck FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE
Most Outstanding Cuisine FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

Best Festival Offers JUDGES' CHOICE

Best Value Menu of the Festival JUDGES' CHOICE
Best Use of the Festival Theme FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

Most Outstanding Canapés of the Festival FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE
Most Outstanding Entrée of the Festival - Butter Poached Boston Lobster FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE
Most Outstanding Overall Dining Experience FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

Mandarin Grill
Most Outstanding Main Course of the Festival - Slow Cooked FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

NEO Tamarind
Outstanding Festival Achievement Award JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Creative Restaurant Station at the Gala Launch JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Creative Restaurant Station at the Gala Launch PEOPLE'S CHOICE

Most Innovative Cuisine at the Gala Launch PEOPLE'S CHOICE
Most Outstanding Dessert of the Festival - Chef Giovanni’s Tiramisu FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

Tamarind Springs
Outstanding Festival Achievement Award JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Creative Restaurant Station at the Gala Launch JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Creative Restaurant Station at the Gala Launch PEOPLE'S CHOICE
Most Creative Food Presentation at the Gala Launch PEOPLE'S CHOICE

Most Creative Food Presentation at the Gala Launch JUDGES' CHOICE

The Olive
Chef Congeniality - Chef Daniel Sheen
Most Outstanding Cuisine at the Gala Launch JUDGES' CHOICE
Most Outstanding Cuisine FESTIVAL DINERS' CHOICE

*The above list is not including Award of Excellence

Click here for full listing of award winners for MIGF 2011

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Click Here for MIGF 2011 Awards Winners


The Miele Guide 2011/2012 Results

The Miele Guide 2011/2012 (Top 20):

1. Iggy's, Singapore

2. Andre, Singapore

3. L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, Hong Kong

4. Robuchon A Galera, Macau

5. Caprice, Hong Kong

6. Cilantro Restaurant and Wine Bar, Kuala Lumpur

7. Modern Eatery, Shanghai

8. Pierre Gagnaire a Seoul, Korea

9. Bo Innovation, Hong Kong

10. Tippling Club, Singapore

11. Antonio's, Phillipines

12. Mozaic, Bali

13. Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong

14. Gunther's Modern French Cuisine, Singapore

15. Dum Pukht, Mumbai, India

16. Dakshin, Mumbai, India

17. Yung Kee, Hong Kong

18. Sarong, Bali, Indonesia

19. Les Amis, Singapore

20. Bukhara, New Delhi, India

Top 5 Malaysia Restaurants listed in the Miele Guide this year:
1. Cilantro, Micasa Hotel
2. El Cerdo, Changkat Bukit Bintang
3. Erawan Classic Thai and Fusion, Kota Damansara
4. Kampachi, Hotel Equatorial
5. Sage Restaurant & Wine Bar, The Gardens Residences

Source: Boolicious & Baby Sumo

The Miele Guide is available at their online store or at any local bookstore.The Miele Guide this year features 500 restaurants (50 more than the last edition’s list) across 17 Asian countries: Brunei, Cambodia, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Special Appearance of Chef Wan at Epicure Malaysia

What goes into your mind when you hear the name Chef Wan? To me, this Malaysian born celebrity chef is one hell of an entertainer and performer besides being just a chef. He never fails electrifies every single crowd he cook for. Not only through his performance skills and delicious food, but also with his humorous jokes. And before i forget, a really humble man too.
Datuk Chef Tok Wan with his newly published recipe book with all his best recipes compiled from all the years of cooking.
Besides being entertain by his perfomance, i really envy and at the same time respect him alot. Firstly, it just seems so fun to be a celebrity chef and secondly he brings Malaysian Cuisine around the world just to give more exposure to our local traditional heritage food . *thumbs up* to you as a Malaysian Food Ambassador!

During his perfomance in Epicure Malaysia that day, he cooked up a really different cuisine. Something not we are all used to, Moroccan Cuisine. 
It was hard to see a close up of whats he was cooking above the stage. So, what he did to make us all understand his cooking was to carry the whole hot tajime just to let the crowd take a peek of whats cooking. Great stuff Chef Wan!  
The first dish, Chicken Tajine, which were name after the special earthenware pot which is used to cook this dish
Harira Soup, a traditional Moroccan soup which is only serve only on special celebrations or to break fast during the Ramadhan month
Last but not least, Kefta Meatballs
After the whole cooking out and eating up, Dato' Steve Day personally went up the stage to thank him and also to promote and explain what Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) was all about. 
Chef Wan signing signatures on his cookbooks for all his lovely fans :) 
Besides his busy schedule around the world, he still made time to make an appearance in this event upon requests. Looking forward for more from you Chef Wan! 
"If your husband can't give you an orgasm, I can give you MULTIPLE orgasms!" -Datuk Chef Wan

More pictures are available on CCC's Facebook Page

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Click Here for Epicure Malaysia 2011 Cooking Classes Day 2 & 3
Click Here for Special Appearance of Chef Wan at Epicure Malaysia 2011


MIGF 2011 - Style Rocks

The world’s fashion capitals, London, Paris, Madrid, New York, Tokyo are the world’s food capitals, and KL is no exception to the rule. Fine dining and high fashion binds a natural relationship. Last week, i join MIGF to celebrate an evening with cocktails, wines, fashion, style, glamour, dance and music at Euphoria by Ministry of Sounds at Sunway Resort, Hotel and Spa. The Melium Group together with Malaysia International Gourmet Festival made another year of celebration this time round with Miss Universe, catwalks, drinks, dancers and good music.

Sexy ladies in chef hats, what more? Miss Universe Malaysia Finalist in the chef hats :)
Dato' Steve Day opening the night with the beautiful ladies
Hansen Lee, the emcee for the night
Andrea Fonseka
Is KL in the house? - DJ Goldfish
 Lexie De ROdriquez and Dominic Lau
Elaine Daly
Josh Ivanovic and Lexie Rodriguez
Carmen Soo
Gillian Hung
Last but not least, our Malaysia Food Ambassador, Chef Wan
The night then continues with
and some sexy dancer?

“Fine dining and high fashion are a natural mix,” 
-Dato’ Farah Khan, President of The Melium Group

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