Rebecca's Table of Four - Part 2

When Rebecca of thenomadGourmand invited CCC for her Table of Four
Immediately I agreed! You get to cook, chop, talk and eat! Oh my, not forgetting the obvious getting-to-help-out-in-the-kitchen and also some private cooking lessons for you with thorough explanation of his menu from Chef Kevin.
Turns out Chef Kevin is really very warm, pleasant and soft spoken. To top it off his venue is so picturesque! Had a really great time at your place Chef! :)

We started off with some Bread with Aoili and Basic Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dip. The easiest way to keep our mouths shut and tummy's pleased while he prepares the first course. Reminds you of the tradition that Italiannies follows, no? (:


And for amuse bouche, Chef Kevin served us Chocolate Pancake with Bacon and Quails Egg. The aim of this dish was to reinvent or rather play around with the classic breakfast i.e; pancakes, bacon and eggs.


Next was, Salad with Balsamic Reduction which was probably a filler which actually wet our appetites a bit more. Oh my growling tummy! After this our greedy tummys were ready to rumble! A really standard and light salad with balsamic reduction but it was so refreshing, crisp and light. Much like a summers day. *sighs* Wonderful for those of you waist watchers.


Next was Green Pea and Bacon Soup. A hearty dish if served on the right occasion according to Chef Kevin. Think of it as a twist on the whole chicken soup for a rainy day idea. In fact, I believe this dish would do well as a cold soup too.

Unfortunately, this time round the soup was not strained enough and was slightly unpleasant to slurp down. Bits of pea skins got stuck everywhere. Non-the-less, the flavors were satisfying. Preparation wise, its quick and easy. Anyone want recipes?


This is Chef Kevin's play on the Basic Spaghetti Alfredo. This time, he tried foaming up the cream sauce to give it a lighter texture but sadly the lightness made the sauce slightly tasteless. Nevertheless, it was still fun just looking at the presentation! Gorgeous don't you think?


As for our next dish, Chef Kevin did a simple take on a home cooked meal. Fried Dory Fish with Asparagus and Carrots served with Aoili. A great way to make use of the aoili served with the bread, chef!


Then came the Herb Crusted Pork Loin with Couscous served with Bacon Sauce. The last dish that told us, your stomachs should be done by now. *ding*
But we hungry people weren't used to it eating small portions course by course so it felt like we didnt have enough. That okay, this is Malaysia; food can be found everywhere and anytime!

Do not forget Fabulous Food 1Malaysia Food Trail Directory could be downloaded from CCC :)


And obviously not forgetting the wine! We had a Syrah 2007 :)
Wine makes everything feel so posh, so VIP! Many thanks to Brenden Lee of for being our sommelier that night.

On a side note, Chef Kevin says, "This is not my best work to date and I am constantly testing the limits on what I can pull off in my small, humble kitchen."

Personally, CCC feels Chef Kevin is a great home style chef and to top it off he cooks everyday with different inspirations daily. Much respect for this guy! Cheers to Chef Kevin for a great time and a great meal. A big thank you to Rebecca SawBrenKenLee and Chef Rainier from Cilantro for the wonderful company.

Photo credits to Brendan and Rebecca.

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Souffle Omelette

If you didn't know, CCC loves eggs!
Its a very basic ingredients but does wonders to any dish! From appetizers to desserts.
A very big thank you to Chef Kevin for teaching me this method of cooking eggs.
Something simple with a twist *ofcourse* and extraordinary name!

2 Eggs (Seperated)
Butter or cooking oil
Salt to taste (if no filling is added)

Bacon or Ham



1. Separate the egg yolks and egg whites from the 2 eggs


2. Whisk the egg white until foamy


3. Combine egg yolks with the egg whites and pour into preheated pan with some butter on the pan.


4. Place filling lightly in the centre of the omelette when egg is almost done
(dropping the ingredients too hard will cause the omelette to sink)


5. Fold and cook until filling is fully cooked and melted.


Results? Its like a fluffy pancake omelette named Souffle Omelette by Chef Kevin :D

Additional Notes:
*Can also be done without filling, just remember to flip the egg
** Salt needs to be added during step 2 if no filling is added

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