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Alot of my friends usually ask me how to cook when they are curious about food. Some even give me phone calls when they're stuck and lost with their recipes. And there is this one friend who really loves to cook and always asked me to teach him a few things.  
So one day i invited a few to come over my test kitchen to have a cooking session. My friend wanted a menu which consist of Fusion food. So here it is, some pictures to let you people eat with your eyes.
Creamy Carrot Soup for the first course to fill up a 3 course meal and to teach them what is the basics of a soup.
Polenta Crusted Stuffed Chicken with Curry Leaf Mushrooms with Creamy Butter (Lai Yau) Spaghetti and Thai Style Salad served with Curry Sauce and Wasabi Mayo.
As you can see, theres influences from the European, Japanese, Italian, Thai and Malaysian. I hope that is fusion enough for them, heh!
Buffet style fine dining? Guess these people doesn't get enough of my food :P 
As for desserts, i did ice cream made out of dry ice to teach them how easy it is to make some ice creams at home.
Pineapple Dry Ice Cream and Cream Cheese Parfait with Chocolate Tabasco 
As for the drink, its called Herbi├ęto. My special creation :P but it doesnt look that good in a champagne glass. Maybe i should continue serving it in a claypot :) 
Ice Ice Baby


Titi Eco

A while back, i visited a really interesting organic farm. Titi Eco offers day trips, activities and also tour packages to explore their very own organic farm and also to educate people on organic food, how you should consume it and anything else regarding food.


Mr Lim who was my brother's friend gave me a day tour around the organic farm. I later found out it was a family business which was inspired by the passion of living a healthy lifestyle, eating a healthy meal and staying healthy overall.


It was quite a long drive down to Titi Town from KL to this privately owned organic farm which is only opened to public upon requests and reservations. I still remember driving pass the cows, village area and finally to see all these greenery.


The aloe vera caught my eye while driving through the first part of the plantation to get my parking spot.






Bunga Raya or rather known as hibiscus, our very own national flower.


Besides plantation, Titi Eco also rares ostrich which adds to attraction point


And the most interesting selling point of all to me is their organic food. I still remember the big fat and also juicy papaya they offered me for a bite.


Before this, i always thought passion fruit needed to be grown in a cold climate but to my surprise it is also possible to be grown in a tropical climate like ours.


I remembered the host of the day was explaining to the crowd how to differentiate the different types of passion fruits through the colour and ripeness of the fruit.


I wonder how would this taste like if it is added to my macaron recipe.


One of the few organic products Titi Eco manufactures


If you're there early, try to grab the organic fruits and vegetables during the season of growth as their still fresh.


Before i headed back to KL, the host of the day prepared a dish which was rather interesting to me as a foodie.


Organic Fruit Rojak which was made healthy by omitting the unhealthy prawn paste and introducing ulam, shredded unripe papaya, passion fruit, brown sugar and vinegar which was taken from the homemade preserved papaya.


The really nice scenery at Titi Eco.


Too bad i miss the chance to enjoy more of the organic food they serve. According to the host of the day, they make interesting dishes which contains edible flowers. I wonder how would that be like. 

Titi Eco also won Best Tour Program - Special Interest 2D1N 2005/06 by the Malaysia Tourism

More Pictures available on my Facebook Page.

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