Food Mob

I'm currently hooked on to this series called Food Mob, quite an interesting series which i would recommend to anyone who loves to cook or even to someone who wants to learn a thing or two in the kitchen.

Nial Harbison is an experienced chef who quits his job and wants to be an owner of something big like Facebook. He became the youngest ever head chef of a fine dining establishment in Ireland at the age of 21. He also worked as a private chef for billionaires in big yachts and cook for many celebrities including Bill Gates, Posh Spice, U2, Cameron Diaz and Lance Armstong. After months of dreaming and planning of being an entrepreneur, he is now the owner of and it feature lots of tutorial video of how to cook which he charges a monthly fee for. So to see him in action for free, it would only be via Food Mob :)

This cooking show is very interactive and informal with talking with the producer and director,crazy dares in the middle of the show and funny edited pictures of the chef. Besides that, everyone can ask questions through the forums and suggest what they would like to see in the future series, great stuff!

There was once a girl who sent in a feedback telling the guys that her bf is getting laid so much more often because of the show(learning how to cook for her). So you newbies out there should learn and cook for your loved ones, maybe you'd be the next lucky one! :D

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Niall Harbison said...

Nice work on the blog post! Really appreciate that big time! Keep up the good work on the blog!

clickclickculinary said...

thanks niall! will be working on your recipes showed on food mob real soon! ;)

Kesha Tickets said...

That is really ridiculous. There are too many ways that marketing has gone too far.

Envelope Sizes said...

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