Souffle Omelette

If you didn't know, CCC loves eggs!
Its a very basic ingredients but does wonders to any dish! From appetizers to desserts.
A very big thank you to Chef Kevin for teaching me this method of cooking eggs.
Something simple with a twist *ofcourse* and extraordinary name!

2 Eggs (Seperated)
Butter or cooking oil
Salt to taste (if no filling is added)

Bacon or Ham



1. Separate the egg yolks and egg whites from the 2 eggs


2. Whisk the egg white until foamy


3. Combine egg yolks with the egg whites and pour into preheated pan with some butter on the pan.


4. Place filling lightly in the centre of the omelette when egg is almost done
(dropping the ingredients too hard will cause the omelette to sink)


5. Fold and cook until filling is fully cooked and melted.


Results? Its like a fluffy pancake omelette named Souffle Omelette by Chef Kevin :D

Additional Notes:
*Can also be done without filling, just remember to flip the egg
** Salt needs to be added during step 2 if no filling is added



PcTutorial said...

heheh nice recipe bit thx :) I saw in jackass how they do a omlet :P

Rebecca Bany said...

Wonderful recipe!

The Red Angel said...

This looks so incredibly delicious I think I'm going to go make an omelet right now for lunch! Fantastic photos and great recipe, thanks for sharing!


Caren Gittleman said...


Click Click Culinary said...

PcTutorial - u're welcome :) uhh i just watched that jackass one, it was disgusting and disturbing man! lol how could anyone even think of that? :/

Rebecca Bany - Hope you would love the final result :)

The Red Angel - I hope you tried my friends souffle omelette style :)

Caren Gittleman - hehe! nom noms :D

abby jenkins said...

Hey, That's the little whisk I froth my coffee's milk with! Love it's not multi-breakfast item-purpose!

foodie and the chef said...

I'm convinced omlettes are the perfect food... this looks delicious !

Click Click Culinary said...

abby jenkins - hehe when people gets lazy, all kinds of ideas pop out xD

foodie and the chef - good to know it looks delicious :D

Hélène (Cannes) said...

You know that in France, we sometimes eat your Soufflé Omelette (omelette soufflée in french ...), flavoured with a little sugar and an orange liquor or/and filled with jam ... It's delicious too, as a dessert ...
Have a nice day !

Jean Jacques said...

Great! I could do this tom morning for breakfast.

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...with ♥, SB said...

That is so perfect! thank you for sharing.

Kid Rock Tickets said...

I love it. Irrelevant piece of information: I studied crreeative writing in Sheepwash, Devon.

memorial websites said...

absolutely brilliant recipe. Have it twice a week, very love it

chopinandmysaucepan said...

Looks great but for some peculiar reason, I can only eat my eggs if I can see the yolk with the exception of scrambled eggs.

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