Hot Chocolate all the way from Paris

What i remember most about Paris is the times where i felt so cold during the winter climate and what kept me going was the wonders of the thick hot chocolate that warms my hands, body and soul. That contrasting feeling of being hot and cold at the same time brought a sense of satisfaction to my stomach as well as my tongue. I wish I can enjoy this along the streets in my country, where and when I can. I think that few minutes of pleasure in a day can be refreshing to anyone. So here it is, the only way for you to have it is by making it yourself. Best for breakfast, exactly how I like it :) 

Parisian Hot Chocolate
Adapted by David Lebovitz

500ml (2 Cups) Fresh Milk
130gm Chocolate (Couverture)
20gm Brown Sugar

1. Heat the milk with a medium size pot until a simmer.
2. Add chocolate and sugar and continue stirring until melted
3. Serve warm and enjoy

*Adjust sugar amount to taste
**Boil the mixture longer for a thick consistency
**Keep an eye while boiling the milk as it might froth up

Hot Chocolate
Le Chocolat Chaud



ridoma said...

Alhamdulillah.. i like chocolate too =)

MCat said...

Only something so decadent and ultra yummy looking can come from Paris. I'd love to have a cup!

Click Click Culinary said...

Hey Ridoma, good to know. Hope you will try out the recipe :)

Click Click Culinary said...

Hey MCat, i'm sure there's also many hidden treasures in every part of the world too :)

Jia Ying said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jia Ying said...

Wao, nice to know this receipe....
Even I had stayed in Paris for 6 months, I don't know it.... :)

Click Click Culinary said...

Hey Jia Ying, the hot chocolate over there is awesome right? :D Hope you'll try the recipe when you think of it then :)

mario said...

very good I'll try it looks very delicious

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