Special Appearance of Chef Wan at Epicure Malaysia

What goes into your mind when you hear the name Chef Wan? To me, this Malaysian born celebrity chef is one hell of an entertainer and performer besides being just a chef. He never fails electrifies every single crowd he cook for. Not only through his performance skills and delicious food, but also with his humorous jokes. And before i forget, a really humble man too.
Datuk Chef Tok Wan with his newly published recipe book with all his best recipes compiled from all the years of cooking.
Besides being entertain by his perfomance, i really envy and at the same time respect him alot. Firstly, it just seems so fun to be a celebrity chef and secondly he brings Malaysian Cuisine around the world just to give more exposure to our local traditional heritage food . *thumbs up* to you as a Malaysian Food Ambassador!

During his perfomance in Epicure Malaysia that day, he cooked up a really different cuisine. Something not we are all used to, Moroccan Cuisine. 
It was hard to see a close up of whats he was cooking above the stage. So, what he did to make us all understand his cooking was to carry the whole hot tajime just to let the crowd take a peek of whats cooking. Great stuff Chef Wan!  
The first dish, Chicken Tajine, which were name after the special earthenware pot which is used to cook this dish
Harira Soup, a traditional Moroccan soup which is only serve only on special celebrations or to break fast during the Ramadhan month
Last but not least, Kefta Meatballs
After the whole cooking out and eating up, Dato' Steve Day personally went up the stage to thank him and also to promote and explain what Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) was all about. 
Chef Wan signing signatures on his cookbooks for all his lovely fans :) 
Besides his busy schedule around the world, he still made time to make an appearance in this event upon requests. Looking forward for more from you Chef Wan! 
"If your husband can't give you an orgasm, I can give you MULTIPLE orgasms!" -Datuk Chef Wan

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Blackswan said...

Love the shots! I'm sure u must've enjoyed the great event :) I'd attended 2 of these events by Celebrity Chefs & I'm loving it!

Read your impressive profile. I love cooking too. Looking fwd to sharing our culinary journey :)
Shirley's Luxury Haven

Marcis Gasuns said...

yeah, the report is professional-like. Great photos, nice article. Thanks, it was very interesting to read.

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