Taste MIGF with Celebrity Chef Wan

“If your husband can’t give you an orgasm, I can give you MULTIPLE orgasms” – Chef Wan during Epicure Malaysia 2011. I still remembered how confident Chef Wan was with his recipes, techniques and food that could excite all female housewife apparently, heh.

Taste MIGF which replaced Epicure Malaysia was a big success. What other way is there to enjoy excellent fine dining food and service by well-respected chefs all gathered in one hall, one event and for one purpose; to bring gourmet food to a whole new level.

 Besides tasting foods from the restaurants, seeing what the big players does did the exhibition, cooking classes by the professionals, and getting entertained by the great music. What interest me most was still to watch the winner of ‘The Best Celebrity Chef in the world Award’ in 2009 World Gourmand Cookbook & Media Awards in Paris.

Chef Wan with his cute little grandson, Tristan.
Also as the Food Ambassador of Malaysia, he goes around the world to promote the best of Malaysia's heritage food.  
Bibik Neo's Nyonya Laksa
Kari Laksa Bibik Neo
Freshwater Prawn Rendang
Rendang Udang Galah 

If you missed this, mark your date on the 27, 28 & 29 of September 2013 for Taste MIGF 2013! Its something not to be missed by any food enthusiast.

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RSA Certificate said...

Great chef! Your recipes are good.

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