MIGF is Back!

This year, with 31 Restaurants, 31 Master Chefs and a all new attitude. "Cool Chefs: Cooking with Attitude" is the theme of this years MIGF. The world renowned gastronomic event is about the take place with its preview event "Taste MIGF" which happens on the 6th to 8th September 2013.

It will be a venue that celebrates food, gastronomy and culture all in one room. 

List of Restaurants this year:

1. Arthur's Bar & Grill
Cuisine:  Continental (Pork-Free)
2. Blu Med
Cuisine:  Italian-Spanish (Pork-Free)
3. Bunga Emas
Cuisine:  Malay Fine Dining (Pork-Free)
4. Chakri Palace
Cuisine:  Thai (Pork-Free)
5. Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie
Cuisine:  Modern French (Pork-Free)
6. Dynasty
Cuisine:  Hong Kong Cantonese & Sichuan  (Non-Halal)
7. Five Sen5es
Cuisine:  Authentic Cantonese (Non-Halal)
8. Grill 582
Cuisine:  Western (Pork-Free)
9. Imperial Rama
Cuisine:  Thai & Chinese (Non-Halal)
10. Kelantan Delights
Cuisine:  Authentic Malay (Halal)
11. Kiraku Japanese Restaurant
Cuisine:  Japanese Teppanyaki (Pork-Free)
12. Lafite
Cuisine:  French (Pork-Free)
13. Lai Po Heen
Cuisine:  Cantonese (Pork-Free)
14. LTITUDE Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
Cuisine:  Mixed International (Non-Halal)
15. Mandarin Grill
Cuisine:  Contemporary Modern Grill (Pork-Free)
16. Marini's on 57
Cuisine:  Contemporary Italian (Pork-Free)
17. Midori
Cuisine:  Tokyo-Style Japanese
18. Minori
Cuisine:  Japanese (Pork-Free)
19. Nerovivo
Cuisine:  Contemporary Italian (Pork-Free)
20. Nook
Cuisine:  International (Pork-Free)
21. Prego
Cuisine:  Italian (Pork-Free)
22. Qba Latin Bar and Grill
Cuisine:  Latin American (Pork-Free)
23. Sagano
Cuisine:  Japanese (Pork-Free)
24. Samplings on the Fourteenth Restaurant
Cuisine:  Western Classic (Pork-Free)
25. Seasonal Tastes
Cuisine:   International (Pork-Free)
26. Tanzini
Cuisine:  Modern European (Pork-Free)
27. Tarbush Restaurant
Cuisine:  Arabic & Lebanese (Halal)
28. Ten Japanese Fine Dining
Cuisine:  Traditional & Fusion Japanese (Pork-Free)
29. The Olive
Cuisine:  Western Continental (Pork-Free)
30. The Restaurant
Cuisine:  Modern European (Pork-Free)
31. Tuscany
Cuisine:  Italian

What are you waiting for? 
Mark you calenders for all the upcoming events! 

Taste MIGF - 6th-8th September 2013
MIGF Festival - 1st-31th October 2013

Last but not least, Taste Tokens for Taste MIGF can be brought online with 5% discount! 

For more info, go to www.migf.com



Kelvin Tan said...

Slurp slurp! I'm drooling just thinking of all the delicious food!

Click Click Culinary said...

@Kelvin Tan - Make sure you be there to get the slurpppy food :)

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