Rebecca's Table of Four - Part IV

A long long time ago, Kevin, Eigen and I went up to Rebecca's room at Micasa All Suite to cook up 7 course lunch for 8 paxs. It was certainly a crazy cooking out session and maybe thats why i got too tired to update this post, till now.


Amuse Bouche was the G-Raped Tofu, a secret recipe from Chef Kevin himself. Certainly refreshing, cooling and something mild to start off for a 7 course lunch.


Boxing chicken....western style!? I marinated the chickens with vodka, orange juice and mixed herbs. That's not all, it was a crazy twist with Wasabi Mayo to dip as well! :D


A basic Salad for Rebecca just to please her because its not a complete meal without her salad apparently. =.=''


Yin Yang Risotto which one were cooked with red wine and the other with a dashi stock. Something which makes you crave for more and wonder which you prefer more. It plays with your brain in conclusion!


Chicken Cordon Bleu. A simple yet satisfying dish for all.


Lamb Wellington?


It wasnt just Lamb Wellington but it was a Lamb 2-ways (Wellington & Stew). A mix and match to make everything not too dry and wet.


Banoffee Tart with Mocha Ganache served with Homemade Salted Caramel Slush. The pastry chef Eigen whipped this up for us. Certainly beautiful.
Whats a meal without wine? For the next session, we gotta complete the meal with special drinks like mocktails and cocktails the next time.

A great time cooking, a satisfying meal and a friendly conversation with the rest. What more could i ask for? :)

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bendan said...

Wow!! They looks good wehh... effing hungry now. >,<

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

soooo yummy!

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