MIGF 2011 Gala Launch

If you didnt know, on the month of October, most of the best fine dining restaurants nationwide will compete and battle out for Awards of Excellence. This year there are 28 restaurants competing for categories such as Best All Round Cuisine, Most Creative Menu, Most Innovative Cuisine, Most Creative Food Presentation, Best Marketed Restaurant, Best Value Menu and Most Creative Restaurant Station at Gala Launch.

If you didnt know, this 28 restaurants created custom menus just for the month of October at a very affordable price for everyone in the public to have a taste of what fine dining food, atmosphere and service should be like. The prices and menu is even stated on MIGF website for true transparency. To those living overseas getting a little jealous over whats happening in my country, do not worry as we have a special tour package for you to tour our country to see the beautiful cultures, food and so many more which cant be expressed here.

And some food picture to make you all hungry :P
Some desserts by Resort World Genting





The really amazing dish which still gives me a big impact when i think of it, Home Dried Watermelon Gazpacho by The Restaurant at The Club Saujana


Macarons by Nathalie's Gourmet Studio


Al Amar had a four season theme with every season paired with their own made cocktails. Besides that, Dionysus Asia was their side booth and promoting its wine they import in. I tried a Lebanese wine which has such unique characteristics, aroma and flavour. Apparently, they found Lebanese wine in Titanic ship and its news is make Lebanese wine sell like hotcakes. Interesting info :) 
The infamous Lafite for which category? You decide! 


Our Tourism Minister, YB Dato Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen said she would like to see our restaurants reaching Michelin Star standards and Michelin would rank our restaurants in a near future. She also said she would like to see our fine dining restaurants incorporating our national heritage food into their menu. I guessed she meant restaurants like Ferran Adria bringing European Cuisine to a fine dining level and Alvin Leung bringing Chinese Cuisine to fine dining level. I would like to try Nasi Lemak Ice Cream soon :) This would be a great, challenging and interesting level for our chefs to reach but yet it would be totally well paid off for our Malaysian Cuisine to stand out in a different level. 

More Pictures will be added to my facebook page, check it out here! :) 

Click Here for MIGF 2011 Gala Launch
Click Here for MIGF 2011 Style Rocks
Click Here for MIGF 2011 Awards Winners



jfook said...

OMg everything looks so good. =) Salivating already.

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