Fabulous Food 1Malaysia 2012

Heritage food and street food is our Malaysian pride and this time of the year is the time we boast to the world how much colourful and different is our cuisines from the rest. With culture influences from all sorts, we have probably the most "fusion" food you can think off. 

If you havent been to this part of the world, what are you waiting for? Especially at this time of the year, we have the best to serve you with :) Food events like this are one of the examples of what's going on at this time of the year.

The Fabulous Food 1Malaysia, where all chefs and F&B businessman and corporates gather together in one hall to show their creative dishes, promote and feel proud of what they have to offer to the culinary line. Every year, Fabulous Food 1Malaysia would choose a signature dish and this year's dish would be; Yong Tau Foo, Mee Rebus and the all time favourite, rojak!

Now, besides these amazing dishes are other dishes filled with so much creativity it would leave people in awe. Now, even chef's are artist and the plate is a chef's canvas.

Some common ingredients are found in our tropical rain forest
Artistic skills by the chefs 

Desserts with bird nest perhaps? 

And more artistic skills 

First time seeing this, 100% chocolate. Apparently this supplier is the first in Malaysia to supply this chocolate.

Want to see more about Malaysian Food and Culture? 
Do visit Tourism Malaysia for more info about my country.

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