California Raisin Seminar by Chef Nathan Mitchell Stamm

A while back, i was invited to California Raisin's Seminar by Chef Nathan Mitchell Stamm at the Sheraton Imperial KL. To me, this seminar was not just a sharing session but more of a professional course. Chef Nathan Mitchell Stamm from Johnson & Wales was giving detailed explanation of bread making and how raisins can be part of the staple food with nutritional benefits and wonderful flavours.

After taking about 2 days of preparations at the hotel, this was the food they provided us for a food tasting during the tea time break. Every dish had California Raisins and being a chef himself, he couldn't have made raisins ever more lovable not just by the kids but adults too.

All the Gold in California Raisin Foccacia

California Raisin Cloud

California Raisin Brioche
Couronne Aux California Raisin

I personally feel raisins are good snacks and obviously adding it to desserts for nutritional benefits and additional flavour from the natural sweetness is just perfect and wonderful.

Besides that, I also received a recipe book that consists of a collections of recipes by the local chefs in the industry using California Raisins. It was a great inspiration to see how raisins can also be added into hot food for cooking.

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