Lychee Lime Mocktail

In conjunction to the previous post on Salmon Mousse in Cone, I also made quite an interesting drink; Lychee Lime Mocktail, a drink you might because I sure as hell fell in love with the drink at first taste. I remember the first time this drink was served to me. It was an aunty who works with me and she just loves watching this chef doing what he does best. One day during lunch, she served this drink to me and I enjoyed it to the very last drop. The taste of the lychee paired so well with the lime; the sweetness neutralise the sourness from the lime making it just perfect to savour each sip.

Since I was setting up a table for two a few days back, I decided to make this drink to go along with the other dishes I was cooking. It would be perfect because the weather was just getting a little too hot for my liking and it definitely able to quench thirst.

Since this drink is yellow in colour, I added some little yellow umbrellas for presentation to give it a little more holiday feel. Doesn't this drink look like a drink to have on the beach? Come to think of it, this would be a really suitable drink to have while watching the sunset with a love one

Lychee Lime Mocktail
adapted by Chef Sherson Lian

1 Can of Lychee with reserves
3 Lime (Juice and Zest)
3 nos Kaffir Lime Leaves
an Ice

1. Blend the ingredients together
2. Serve and enjoy

*You can choose to sieve the drink depending on your own preference

Why not you give it a try and let me know how you like it? Recipe is pretty easy after all
Lychee Lime Mocktail

As I'm a food photographer as well, playing around with the pictures from time to time is pretty fun. Black and White pictures are always classic

This was my table for two. Nothing absolutely top notch because it was really spontaneous. I got hungry and started searching for food. Just very very spontaneous decided to have it a little more posh than my usual meals. It was fun setting this up anyhow

To top it all, I made a French Apple Pie. Its an epitome of delicious! 
Everyone loved it, and of course I did too



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