Guest Chef: Jean François Devineau

After getting some inside info that a French chef is going to do a demo at 
Taylor’s University College at 5am in the morning!
I got a little over excited that I barely got any sleep that night.
That morning, I “sneaked” into the college as if I’m still a student and luckily managed to get in the room to see the demo. *phewh*
Taylor's College
I'm amazed how much this college spent renovating it's campus and culinary division.
Jean Francois Devineau
My friend once said The baldness on your head shows how pro you are as a chef “
And that crazy friend of mine went and cut his hair bald the next day. Hmmm, interesting?
Jean François Devineau from Ravifruit
After sitting in the room for quite a while, I realized there wasn’t that many people, I guessed thats the college's fault for not publicizing the event to the public and most students were in their respective classes at that time.
I just love watching anything related to cooking, its just so fun and exciting. So why can't the college have more cooking events for the public? 
Jean Francois Devineau at work
"Do you want me to speak in English or French?" was the first thing he asked when he came into the room. 
It wasn't that bad when he spoke in English, we still could cope with his accent :)
Exotic Dessert in a Glass
Exotic Dessert in a Glass is the name of this dessert.
This 4 layer dessert has got the surprise “Wow” factor,  firstly in the sourness,.
and then comes the sweetness that *ooh* could melt your heart.
Exotic Dessert in a Glass Recipe from Ravifruit

Chocolate Passion Fruit Mango Shortbread
Loved the presentation of this dessert! 
It looks so molecular gastronomy-ish, like a tempting egg yolk which would fill your mouth with orgasms. :P

However, the Chocolate Passion Fruit Mango Shortbread was quite disappointing in taste wise. 
Since the presentation gave me the impression of having a really high standard, honestly it’s just another baked shortbread.
Chocolate Passion Fruit Mango Shortbread Recipe from Ravifruit
Very detailed fiche technique, just love the illustration given.

"Baldness is often a sign of great wisdom, in this Chef's case its all about experience"

Check out 
for more info, recipes and many more.

This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by Ravifruit.



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