Starbucks Juice!?


Nope this is not ur typical Starbucks Coffee Review, its Starbucks Blended Juice Drink….. WOoooaWahhhhWiiWaa!!??

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I got some free vouchers from a friend, so that’s how I got to know about the new flavours offered by Starbucks, so I guess it’s considered good marketing?

Stabucks Lemon Hibiscus and Lemon Green Tea Blended Juice Drink
Lemon Hibiscus Blended Juice Drink(left) & Lemon Green Tea Blended Juice Drink(right)

The first cup I tasted was the Lemon Green because it sounds much friendlier and the colour looks much more drinkable unlike a dish washing liquid kind of colour. The Lemon Green Tea tasted sour with not much sweetness and green tea flavour. I guessed they used powdered green tea?

On the other hand, the Lemon Hibiscus tasted sweet right when it touches your palate with not much sourness from the lemon. If compared, I liked this more as this is so cooling, refreshing and has a very pronounced flavour.

In my Opinion, this is not something anyone would order in Starbucks because Starbucks is always associated with coffee unless you are on a healthier or caffeine free diet. I will definitely without a doubt stick to my Java Chip Frappuccino Ice Blended.

This is the writer’s personal observation and not an endorsement by Starbucks.



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