Malaysia Bartending Competition 2010

Last week, i went to Qba, Westin KL to catch the latest trend and action from the flashy world of Mixology.
Part of the nicely decorated bar, I dare say the bartenders would get more numbers working in this environment :P
One of the flairtenders in action. According to the rule book, participants were judged based on their flairtending skills, accuracy, speed and also mixology.
An interesting mixology by one of the contestant. Looks really appealing doesn’t it?
And the most interesting of all, there were specially made mixology with a price of only RM10 Nett for anyone to try!
Estralla(left) and Durado(right)
In my opinion, the Estralla tasted quite awful. I didn’t finish it because of the high alcohol volume and the chocolate ice cream did not get to balance down the flavour of the alcohol.

But on the other hand, the Durado tasted perfect! I would say it’s more of a feminine drink but the blend of ingredients was perfect to taste with the little bits of honeydew and dragon fruit to munch on. *Thumbs Up!*

Will probably R&D this cocktail when I’m free so that I could attract some girl with my mixology skills. :P

SKYY Vodka as one of the sponsor alongside Monin.


Will definitely be back to Qba another day for the chilling environment.

Overall the event was great, with a lot of support from the F&B industry people. The only thing I felt was bad is the bunting behind the portable bar. It made the event looked really cheap. Would prefer them to use a black background bunting something like the organizers T-Shirt.

Besides that, I wished I was the judge so that i could taste the current standards of mixology by the Malaysian bartenders.

To me, flairing is like performing arts, just like a cooking demo. It doesn’t mean you suck at bartending/cooking if you suck at performing to a large crowd.
So Kudos to the all the contestants :)



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