Artistic Class 503

Fruit and Vegetable Display
For Luk Chup(Thai Marzipan),
250gm Mung Beans (Green Beans)
250ml Coconut Milk
150gm Sugar
Few Drops of Food Colouring

For glazing,
25gm Agar-agar Powder
150ml Water
50gm Sugar

1) Soak the mung beans overnight and steam it for at least an hour the next day.
2) Mix in the coconut milk and sugar then blend the mixture until it becomes smooth.
3) Cook the mixture until it is thick and totally cooled down.
4) While it is cooling down, boil the glaze ingredients and dip.
5) Shape the mixture into desired design and add preferred colouring as you wish.
6) Dip the shaped luk chup into the glaze and let it set.
7) Dip the luk chup again for a better glaze.

Luk Chup/Thai Marzipan/Fruit and Vegetable Display

Shape the Thai Marzipan creatively and enjoy!



babe_kl said...

it always fascinate me how these pretty fruits are done!

Click Click Culinary said...

hehe! now u know :) try the recipe, hope every bit of it doesn't make you confused :/

babe_kl said...

Hey I hope this is not too late. I just got the news only. Call the academy to inform them if you're going.


There's a free class tmrw at the academy of pastry arts msia. Free demo by french chef, 10 am - 12 noon. Going to demo 4 variants. Part of a sponsorship by a butter company. According to the school, quite a turnout expected tmrw, from other chefs, industry people.

So if you're free, feel free to drop by. There's a little makan at 12 noon at the school as well. More info, just call the school: 03- 7960 3846. Website:

Click Click Culinary said...

hey! thanks for the invite! like i feel so happy and special now! hehe! but sorry cant make it, got part time job tomoro :( u enjoy ok! :)

English teacher online said...

This looks amazing, will have try this recipe out sometime!

Click Click Culinary said...

thanks! tell me how it goes ok? :)

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