INVITED EVENT - Robot Sushi Grand Opening

Disclaimer: This is a preview to the restaurant and not a restaurant review.

This is my first time entering a media launch for a restaurant. 
Its so interesting to be part of something like this! Especially when you loveeee food!

Robot Sushi Wan Hazreek Putra Hussain Yusuf

Mr Wan Hazreek Putra Hussain Yusuf, the Managing Director who used to be a corporate banker and now is an established businessman of Darabif Groups of Companies which include Robot Sushi, Darabif Burger and Gelare.

According to Mr Wan, Robot Sushi is a contemporary casual japanese dining restaurant which serves fusion sushi rolls and dishes

Robot Sushi

Sukiyaki (Japanese hot pot) 
equivalent to our Malaysian Bak Kut Teh?

Robot Sushi

Random skewers with Japanese delicacies. 

Robot Sushi Skewer

Bento box

Robot Sushi

A donburi dish. Rice bowl

Robot Sushi

Sashimi; fresh, juicy, thick. Simply delicious according to friends who sat on my table.

Robot Sushi

Tako! octopus, not the size of Mr Paul the Octopus thou hehe!

Robot Sushi

This needs no introduction, sushi... duh!

Robot Sushi

Robot Sushi

Great Japanese plate presentations right?

Robot Sushi

Robot Sushi

Robot Sushi Cocktail

Cocktail of the day :)
According to the waitress it was a special drink, made only for the day of the launch.
So I don't think you'll be finding this on the menu anytime soon.
Its a fusion of fruits and a little bit of liquor which she refused to reveal to me much of the secret behind it.

Robot Sushi Bar Area

The nicely decorated bar area?

Robot Sushi DJ Deck

Most Japanese restaurants have weird Japanese music which we don't understand the lyrics, but in this restaurant, they have a DJ which remixes R&B, House Music and many more.
And each night, there's a theme to come with it.

For example, on Wednesdays its Back to School night.
& Thurdays its Guys Night

Robot Sushi Show Girl

Want a waitress like this guys? haha i bet you do!

Robot Sushi Girls

Robot Sushi
Robot Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid
(At Blue Entrance to Sunway Lagoon)
OB3.LG2.1B, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-5622 1343

Operating Hours: 10am till midnight daily.



Zhi Shan said...

whoa. what lens you using? f1.4? depth of field very shallow. =D

Click Click Culinary said...

hehe its 50mm f1.8 only, its because the place is quite dark, so exposure low low also can :D

Kesha Tickets said...

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