Six Happiness Mooncakes

Usually in my family, we do not buy nor give people mooncakes because my grandma’s restaurants is one of the Low Chew Pai (prestigious long running restaurants in town). Don’t want to expose it just yet :P. 

Throughout my life, I only got Starbucks mooncakes as gifts from dad’s friend. 
And though it sounds awesome and all, it sucked big time!

This year however, I got Six Happiness Mooncakes from the same dads friend. Maybe he tasted the Starbucks Mooncakes and knew it sucks big time! :P I got 2 boxes, which means.. 8 pieces of mooncakes!

 I gotta say, one of the boxes was really well designed. :)
What do you think? 

Six Happiness Mooncake Box

In comparison with some of my family members, I rarely fancy eating mooncakes.
But sometimes you just come back home feeling peckish and want a nibble. 
Topped over with a pile of tempting mooncakes from my grannys restaurant?

*Aah* cannot resist! I'll just give in and enjoy it slowly, especially if its ping pei (snow skin)

Getting back to the Six Happiness Mooncakes.

I tried the Lotus Paste, Pandan Lotus Paste and Red Bean. 
It tasted really traditional, not too sweet, and very pure, not those diluted stuffs, just like in my grandma’s restaurant.
However, I did not really enjoy the redbean one, in my opinion one of the ingredients added makes it taste a little weird.
Perhaps it is because I'm comparing it with all the years of tasting my grandma’s restaurants mooncake that might sound bias.
Six Happiness Mooncakes
They also produce a few modern mooncakes with Tiramisu, Dragon Fruit and Durian flavour but 
sadly I didn't manage to try those. Maybe next time?

Six Happiness

Six Happiness Moncakes, Six Times Happier?

A whole mooncake contains 700-1000 calories. The average recommended daily intake of calories is 2,500 for men and 2,000 for women, so eating an entire mooncake could take up almost half your daily quota. I recommend my readers to eat mooncakes in moderation or at own risk!



babe_kl said...

wow lucky you! i'm not really big on mooncake, lucky :p

Kid Rock Tickets said...

it's going to be great. And I'm 100% with you on the boob sweat. It's just plain unnecessary!

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