Epicure Malaysia 2010 Workshops

For those who love cooking, I think this was the best part of the event, its basically complimentary cooking classes from the pros in the industry. And the first workshop i entered in Epicure Malaysia 2010 held at Sime Darby was...
A Taste of France's Finest Workshop by Chef Khamarullizad Hassan from Royale Chulan KL


Chef Khamarullizad explaining about hollandaise sauce. It felt so funny to see the general public getting so facinated over hollandaise sauce since its actually a MUST to know if you're in the culinary world. heheh


Chef Khamarullizad working on his final touches. Burn Burn!


Homard de Maine 'Thermidor' Avec le Vieux Style 'Cafe du Beurre de Paris'
or to make it not sound like alien language,
Maine Lobster 'Thermidor' with Old Style "Café de Paris Butter".
The really interesting final product. If i have the money, i would certainly go to the restaurant and dine in like a king, too bad, ill just stay home or try to recreate the recipe :P
I say Voila to this dish! The lobster thermidor was perfect, fresh sauteed lobster with nice creamy sauce which has some kick of sourness in it plus more kick in the hollandaise sauce with nice melted cheese taste as well.
Well blended sauce with the cafe de paris butter. It sounds real complicated and all, but when you taste it, it just exudes feelings through your tongue, heart, mind and soul heheh okayyy maybe that's a little overzealous. But it was rockin'.
This dish is in the menu in L'Heritage of The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur for the month of MIGF '10. Price of the festival menu cost RM 200++ per person for light festival menu which consist of 6 course and RM400++ per person for full festival menu which consist of 10 course meal.
*Not inclusive of wine.

The next workshop is Become a Chocolatier Workshop by Chef Radzi Othman from Malaysia Handmade Chocolate Entrepreneur Association


Chef Radzi really explains in depth about the different kinds of chocolate in the world, different techniques used in chocolate making and so much more extra knowledge about chocolates.


I think he teaches too much about chocolate which will make him lose his own specialty. In a way.
Like a master teaching his student everything and then being taken over by the student.

Next was A Slice of Just Heavenly Workshop by Chef Nigel Skelchy from Just Heavenly


Chef Nigel with his really fun, exciting and funny approach, attitude and charisma which makes him what an interesting chef. Perhaps he can be the next Chef Wan?

Chef Nigel is one of the owner of Just Heavenly. The infamous Cake House which cake lovers drool at the sound of it!


Bombe Alaska, a simple sponge cake with ice cream,meringue and flambeed brandy. Its really juicy, yes; the ice cream makes the spongecake even smoother with a tinge of alcohol and a meringue on top for perfection. Everyone rushed to grab a portion for themselves and destroyed the great artwork. Oh well, it was meant to be eaten and enjoyed anyways (:

The next day, I went to see the ex lecturer of Taylor's University College's workshop. He is currently the Executive Head Chef in Sunway University College.
Three Course Meals Workshop by Chef Patrick Siau from Sunway University College


Chef Patrick patiently teaches the crowd about the classic French cuisine.


Explaining every single ingredient he used, which he is thorough, specific and is very particular about.
Truffle Oil being passed around to get a closer look. Should have snatched a lil', this here is expensive stuff yo!


Truffle! This black stuff cost you a bomb, trust me, don't be fooled by its looks.
Everyone in the room taking a real sniff to smell out the expensiveness and uniqueness of this truffle. Did you know pigs are used to scope truffles out? Oink!


Yellow Watermelon with Coriander Pesto. The one of a kind appetizer, with juicy yellow watermelon with crunch of pine nuts serve with coriander pesto, mix lettuce, raspberry and blackberries. Does it not seem UNIQUE?


Pan-Sear Wagyu Beef with Black Truffle and Sauteed Aspagarus served with Puy Lentil Ragout, Hollandaise Sauce and Cranberry Coulis.
Firstly this is my first time tasting truffle. Its not the premium and of best quality but honestly i didn't really find it that special and actually,....kinda weird. That's fungi for you.
Besides truffle(since its the most expensive ingredient on the plate), the Wagyu beef was OH! SO GOOD, just so smooth and easy to chew. The hollandaise sauce, cranberry coulis and puy lentil ragout is well paired i must admit.


Strawberry Crumble, I guess this is one of his specialties since he specializes as a Pastry Chef.
His Sugar arts are SUPERB!
By the way, Chef Patrick is currently leading the Malaysian Pastry Team as captain at the upcoming World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France 2011.

I say *double thumbs up* for this dessert! Super sweet strawberry stew with some mixture of lemon cream, bits of crumble and creamy strawberry chantilly, drools* just thinking about it again.

Last but not least, Workshop from Chef or should I say Datuk Wan. How could i miss this?!
Of course I just had to see how good our very own Malaysian Food Ambassador and famous celebrity chef performed in front of my eyes.
Cannon Celebrity Master Chef Workshop by Datuk Chef Wan, our very own Malaysian Food Ambassador


Chef Wan frying up the belacan which makes everyone in the room sneeze. His 'performance' was so entertaining, exciting, fun and yet it shows how confident, professional and how talented is he as a chef. No flattery, i swear.


Chef Wan always puts a smile on his face and acts really humble and nice. Just like what an ambassador should be like.

So what did he cook? Asian cuisine? Probably something as similar as what we eat daily you might think?
The answer is NO!
His Asian cooking and recipes changed my perception on him, the food in Malaysia, and how much more hidden talent Malaysian food has. That day he introduced 3 royal dishes.  
Yes! Food for the Kings and Queens, only cooked on special occasions and ceremonies and only for the royalty.


Nasi Ulam Diraja/ Special Herbed Rice. The 12 types of Ulam he added inside the rice which at that moment I wanted to ask, "Are you sure chef?"
That's too many ingredients don't you think? But it came out perfecto! I love Malay cuisine and this is something you cant find in any Raya open house or Malay wedding. This is one of a kind delicious!


Opor Daging Pekan / Pekan Beef Curry. The dry, spicy, and tender beef with full of flavors which resembles rendang to me. The odour of this Opor Daging Pekan is so terrific I just need to cook this soon enough!


Ayam Kuzi Johor. The thick gravy which taste really appetizing, the burst of flavorful aromatic herbs and the chicken was just really cooked to perfection!
*magnifique and fingers licking good*
Its not those kind of curry chicken which you get outside which the meat is all dry or not intact.
Chef Wan's food is just indescribable, damn I wish I had him as my personal chef or maybe a personal mentor.


According to Chef Wan there are 500 recipes in Pahang of which only 200 recipes have been discovered and documented. Most of the recipes are either extinct or with the really super old lady which could barely communicate or have the energy to cook anymore. Hmmm. *food for thought?*


Well, you know those documented ones? You want those recipes?
Get his recipe book then!
Its really traditional, authentic and unique food recipes which you just need on your bookshelf! And even if you don't need it, you'd want it!

There is nothing wrong ordering Kurang Manis - Datuk Chef Wan

Next time you order teh tarik, remember those words. Cheers!



synical said...


Wow - so this is what I missed out from the workshops downstairs. Dang.

Maybe next time lah, haha. Oh, the drool-worthy food.

Hollandaise sauce is more technique than anything else. I would like to taste some before I'd try to make it myself. I also would've loved to try the bombe (I like merengue, but making it is another story).

PS Thanks for dropping a line at my blog :)

Click Click Culinary said...

hey synical! yes you really miss out some really good quality food, but maybe you won't like waiting for the food cause the chef all explains a lot of stuffs in detail. Heh!

try it yourself, then you will understand the technique by then hehe :D

Kyril said...


Click Click Culinary said...

thanks houhousek.net! :D :D your blog makes me hungry :( hehe

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