INVITED EVENT - Mark's Place 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Disclaimer: This is a birthday bash to the restaurant and not a restaurant review.

Last friday, Mr. Feeq and Miss Rebecca Saw from Adverlets invited me to a media invite to Mark's Place at Plaza Kelana Jaya which this pub overlooks the nice Kelana Jaya lake. 

I'm still not fond of writing a review on an invited event because most of the food is prepared and cooked way ahead of time, plus I don't get to see the menu and sometimes I'm just too preoccupied with taking pictures that I don't always get to sample the food offered to the media. Thus, I never got a chance to look at the price and have a hard time comparing Marks Place with other restaurants.
This being said, I'll march on ahead with a birthday event post and not a restaurant review.
DSC_0479 copy

Yeah baby, this is how VIP's get treated right? 
The only missing thing was a red carpet but, its really a cool first impression to me :)


A stylish, yet traditional restaurant cum bar which serves local fusion cuisine complete 
with comfortable, intimate surroundings.
To top it off, Marks Place faces the Plaza Kelana Jaya waterfront. 
If romance is in the air, this place is perfect!


Among a few things on the menu,these dishes caught my eye; 
Orange Chicken with Tequila, Lemon Grass Prawn Satay, Bacon Cream Cheese Salmon Sushi Roll and their really colourful cocktails which I didnt get to try due to the crowd, maybe some other day?


The sushi bar and kitchen @ Marks Place


We got mostly small portions of finger food that night 
so I really couldn't really tell much about the food standards,
I'm guessing this is, urm,..Aglio Olio?... with no special name?


Grilled fish


Basic fingerfood for all :)


and Sushi :)


Mutton Curry Quesadilla, perfect finger food for drinkers?


The ingredient which caught my eye while peeping inside the kitchen,
Yes i love to do that! I'll call it kitchen stalking! :P 


CHOPPED! just like the tv series! hehe


I would say come to Marks Place for its alcoholic drinks, music(live band and dj), entertainment(billiard table) and finger foods. 'Cause from what I've heard they serve a large variety of single malt whiskeys. 
No wonder there were so many mature folk in Marks Place! :P


Mr Mark Lingam shooting that "I'm da boss" look.
General Manager or rather, the genius behind Marks Place.


Brought to you by Click Click Culinary with ❤ !


And not too forget Happy 2nd Birthday Marks Place!


Their lunch menu which cost only RM9.90nett which comes with a complementary ice tea

Mark's Place can be found at -
Mark's Place @ Plaza Kelana Jaya
Units 01-02 & 02-02
Block B, Jalan SS7/13A
Plaza Kelana Jaya
47301, Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Eshan




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