Thank you GroupsMore for adding Click Click Culinary's review on GroupsMore. 
I feel very special now! hehe

Click Click Culinary on GroupsMore Reviews

So whats GroupsMore to those who havent heard about it..?
Its not something related to Chips More by the way! :P

Its a site for you to get the best deals in town,
up to 90% discounts on exciting things to do every week!
For example, getting Robot Sushi voucher worth RM50 for the price of only RM24!

GroupsMore Get up to 90% off at your favourite shopping mall today
And it only takes 3 steps for you to get it! 
GroupsMore Best Deal 2010 Guarantee
GroupsMore the best deals? You decide!

Join the GroupsMore movement now! When they reach 10,000 people, we all can have a party! :D and lets work our way to have a Ministry of Fun and Excitement!
and also like them on facebook to get easier updates about them :)

This is the writers personal observation and not an endorsement by GroupsMore



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