INVITED EVENT - Belanga Minum Petang Sensation

Disclaimer: This is a preview to the restaurant and not a food or restaurant review.
A little while back, I got lucky and was chosen out of many bloggers to be one of the 20 bloggers to attend Belanga Cafe's Minum Petang Sensation Event from at Empire Shopping Gallery. So here it is, another invited event for all my readers to get more inside details on this cafe.


Keropok Lekor (fish sausage) with tinge of black pepper, according to them its an original recipe from Kelantan. I would say its quite special but why can't you find this outside? Most stalls would rather save cost with no black pepper!? O.o *feels weird*
I say don't skimp on the black pepper stall owners! 


Royal Murtabak, nothing too fancy with common authentic taste from onions, eggs and spiced minced fillings


Kueh Akok, Kuih Bunga Tanjung and Kuih Tahi Itik. (clockwise from top left)
Tahi Itik translated directly means Duck Shit, mind you, there isn't a metaphorical sense behind this. By the way, its a traditional kuih which even the Kelantan MP wanted to put a change to the name of this dish. Haha, I guess its not a name you want your state to be known for eh?


Roti Jala cooked a la minute for all of us to enjoy with thick chicken curry.


Cucur Udang, simply crispy, fresh and served with thick homemade chili sauce.


Sirap Selasih
 with basil seeds. Sirap or syrup is a popular Malay drink, its like a simple asian mocktail. heh!

Anak Dara Dua Sebilik (Two Virgins in a Room) Haha! This dish really caught my attention with its catchy name. I have no idea why theres a green colour filling thou. Doesn't make much sense comparing it with the name of the dish somehow. Maybe its just part of the excitement opening that green packet and devirginizing it :p


My Latte for the Minum Petang Sensation. Belanga cafe also serves extensive coffees such as Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Ristretto, Long Black, Flat White and many more.


Brewed from the highest quality coffee beans, best coffee machines, and served at best temperature? Hmmm? To all coffee lovers out there, You Decide! Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to coffee so drop by today to taste it and feel free to tell the Belanga staffs what you think about it because they would surely be happy to have an honest feedback :)


Take a snapshot with this poster to claim a 15% discount on your bill by just tagging the picture into their Facebook Page. That's a win win situation for consumer and the company for some marketing as well. Anyways we're definitely not losing out, so why not? :)


Belanga cafe is going to open a new outlet in SS2 Mall when the shopping mall opens

Empire Shopping Gallery,
UG-18, Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Telephone Number:
(Empire Gallery Outlet)



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