INVITED EVENT - Starbucks Food Tasting

Disclaimer: This is a preview to the cafe 

Starbucks = Java Chips + Tiramisu + Great Cheesecakes?
Starbucks Malaysia now offers quite a large snack menu, with more choices just for their loyal customers.

Which one's your personal favourite among all these hmm?

Starbucks Java Chip Ice Blended

In the last post on Starbucks Juice, I mentioned my favourite was Java Chip Ice Blended, this is my personal favourite and I just can't leave Starbucks without having at least one of these, they rock!
Go try it out if you like something which is a lil bit coffee, a lil bit chocolate and a whole lotta love. I am 99% convinced thats why Starbucks is so addictive! Its all that love.


The non-alcoholic Tiramisu which never fails Starbucks standards. Its ever so smooth and has a well balanced flavour of mascarpone cheese and cocoa. Perfect for the halal stamp too!
If you haven't tried this yet, you are so not living a life! :p

Marble Cheese Cake

Marble Cheese Cake with a good crispy crust base with great semisweet chocolate and cheesecake mix :D

Chocolate Tuxedo. The name of this cake tells you how "prestige" this cake is. Smooth white chocolate mousse with dark chocolate mousse and with more chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings. If you are a chocolate lover, take no time to decide!

Blueberry Cheese Cake with its Starbucks trademark of 8 blueberries on top of a slice of this cake. A lucky charm cake for Starbucks?

Jazzy Lemon Cheese Cake

Jazzy Lemon Cheesecake, and how jazzy can that be?

Kapitan Chicken Pie

Kapitan Chicken Pie, a special Malaysian style pie which is being offered by Starbucks.

Chicken Pasta Snack

Chicken Pasta Stack which is like a lasagna with not so much filling.

Ozzie Roll
Ozzie Sausage Roll which could also be named Pigs in a Blanket? But that wouldn't sound like a good menu name in Malaysia and then people would boycott Starbucks thinking it serves pork. =.=''

Did i mention Starbucks is going to make sure every outlet has all the same menu to be offered in all the Starbucks outlets? :)

*some photos credited to Shaz



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