Sweet Herbal Chinese Egg Tea

When i was a kid, I visited this restaurant at Taman OUG called Ah Loy Restaurant and since then I think I've discovered something really special. (:

A tea based tong shui which is sweet and with a little tinge of bitterness from the tea and herbs with an egg in the tong shui to balanced up the bitterness.

So here it is, an even better homemade version of that! It took me quite a while to research all this, spending so much time at various yok choi poh(chinese medicine shop) buying herbs, testing it, asking friends and family and also checking almost all the herbs website online.

But anyhoo, it turned out delicious! So do enjoy!

Sweet Herbal Chinese Egg Tea
For Herbs Mixture,
Wu Yi Tea (Wu Yi Cha, 武夷茶)
Mulberry Mistletoe Stems (Sang Ji Sheng, 桑寄生)
Rehmannia Root/Chinese Foxglove Root (Shu Di Huang, 熟地黄)
Dried Orange Peel (Chen Pi, 陈皮)
Dried Longan (Long Yan Rou, 龍眼肉)
Chinese Angelica Root (Dang Gui, 当归)
Szechuan Lovage Root (Chuan Xiong,川芎)
Shelled Chestnuts (Mi Zao, 蜜棗)

A cup of water per serving
Brown Sugar to taste

Best to ask the sifu(master) in the yok choi poh(chinese medicine shop) to choose the ingredients for you because it would be a trouble to get specific amount of all the herbs. Make sure you tell them that this recipe is meant to be sweet.

1. Rinse the herbs twice (For hygienic purpose)
2. Boil herbs and water with low fire for at least 1-2 hours.
3. While herbs are boiling, cook hard boil eggs in a separate pot.
4. Remove shell from hard boil eggs and toss them back into the boiling herbs/ egg tea to allow them to absorb some flavour and leave for about half an hour.
5. Add brown sugar to taste and serve cold or warm with egg and longan.

Egg Tea is traditionally eaten cold. And trust me you would prefer the cold one over the hot ones.

Honestly readers, this is my second secret recipe( first one is on 芋虾 (Yu Xia) ).
Aren't you lucky?
I didn't share that recipe 'cause I felt this recipe's a little bit more special, plus its healthier and last but not least, though I may not know all of you personally, I love you ALL! Enjoy!



onlythenameshavebeenchanged said...

I love this blog. I want to make everything on it. xoxo

Click Click Culinary said...

thanks for the support! there will be more to come :)

Anonymous said...

can you tell me roughly wat's the quantity for each herbs? or the sifu will keep for you?

andreafox21 said...

This sounds so delicious. I bet this is healthy and detoxifies your body too.

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