Deep Fried Kailan and Kailan Soup

Myself, Rebecca, Kevin, Brendan, Rainier and Amelia were kidding so much about Umami during Rebecca's Table for Four till I keep thinking of making an Umami dish, but without the common ajinomoto and just natural ingredients which has natural Umami flavour involve.

I was once told by my lecturer that if you deep fry kai lan(chiffonade) you would get something like a seaweed. And *ding* I think I've got a connection with Umami!
I felt like, why not put my own twist on it; deep fried kailan soup which will taste something like a korean seaweed soup? Umami dish?

That was the idea, and i normally get really excited when I have an "experiment" on my mind. Don't you?
Well, here's for you to pick my brain a little. Enjoy!

Whaddaya' need?
Kai Lan, chiffonade
Chicken Stock, homemade
Meatballs (i cheated and used ready made pork balls. beef or chicken meatballs will be fine too)
Salt & Pepper
Soy Sauce

1. Prepare chicken stock. *keep in mind, you can do this beforehand.
2. Marinate Kai Lan with salt and pepper. (5minutes will do)
3. Deep fry Kai Lan till crispy.
4. Add fried Kai Lan into chicken stock.
5. Add meatballs and soy sauce to taste till meatballs are done.


Raw Kai Lan, chiffonade


Crispy Fried Kai Lan

Crispy fried kai lan which has some bitter taste at the end, due to the natural taste of kailan. It can be served with rice. Hmmm...Perhaps I should add some toasted sesame seed for extra colour and better presentation?


Deep Fried Kailan Soup

I was really happy because it did really taste like seaweed soup :)

On a not-so-good-note; It was quite oily, maybe the next time I should try this recipe but sun/toast the kailan and add some suitable noodles, toufu or maybe use ikan bilis stock? Aah, we'll leave that for another day. Umami without Ajinomoto, its possible! Mission Accomplished! :)



Tay Tay said...

Great blog, I love to cook to although I mainly stick with traditional Italian food. I post a few of my favorite recipies every now and then, but not to the extent that you do. Keep writing!

freedownloadfile said...

This blog is really good! But I still love Polish food.

Jeffrey Slater said...

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Nano said...

great blog...

Caren Gittleman said...

Congratulations on being a "Blog Of Note!"

I love your blog, I am a real foodie and adore learning about all sorts of foods!

I am your newest follower!

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babe_kl said...

Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderfully delicious new year ahead!

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Click Click Culinary said...

Tay Tay - Which blog is the one with the recipes? i only see the 2 on your blogger profile which has lots of pictures of your dog, sooo cute :)

freedownloadfile - Thanks, hopefully one day i will document some polish recipes :) maybe you can pass me some interesting ones? :D

Jeffrey Slater - Wow, you're such an amazing writer! would you mind sharing the brownies recipe to me? :D

Nano - Thanks :)

Caren Gittleman - Thank you Caren! I'm not really into cats but i would certainly introduce it to my friends who loves cats :)

babe_kl - Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too babeincitykl! I like the line delicious new year :D Same to you! Hope we get better food in our country :D

Nick Hansen - Great blog on US sports there :)

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Click Click Culinary said...

Marco Crupi - Hey, nice blog over there :) Any chance you'll write on how to snap food photography pictures? :D

hulag said...

Merry Christmas! A very nice blog you have there!

muriahgorde said...

what a recipe! I love your blog!

Click Click Culinary said...

hulag - Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too :)

muriahgorde - Thanks, i hope u enjoy it :)

Escort said...

Great blog, I love to cook vey vey much.

Click Click Culinary said...

escort - thanks! hope u would enjoy all the upcoming posts :)

English lessons online said...

Awesome blog. I'm a terrible cook, though :) Trying out different recipes, yours look great!

Click Click Culinary said...

english lessons online - thanks! :) ill try my best to give the most in depth recipes :) any questions, dont hesitate to comment or email me ;)

Jonathan said...

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Click Click Culinary said...

Jonathan - Thank you for the compliment Jon! :)

Online Preacher D. - Good to know you admire it :)

Vacations India - Thanks :)

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