Fabulous Food 1Malaysia 2010

After last years Fabulous Food 1Malaysia, I've marked my calenders for this years one, did you?
Click here to take a look at the previous post for the first year.


This year while walking into PWTC, I was expecting the same crowd, vendors, environment etc, like it was last year. But guess what, they've upgraded to a much bigger exhibition hall, increased the number of events, cooking competition, hawker stalls and, yup; people! WOW! Our Malaysian cuisine is so proudly showcased for everyone.


I was lucky enough to be there on the grand launch of FabFood1Malaysia. Caught Tourism Minister, YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen's speech, in which she addressed that "..one day this kind of event would be worldwide to promote our local cuisines." CCC's full support on your campaign YB Dato' Sri Dr.Ng Yen Yen!

Last year, our highlighted foods were Nasi Lemak, Laksa and Meat Bone Tea(Bak Kut Teh).
This year it was Chicken Rice, Roti Canai and Satay :D


The essential ingredients for Chicken Rice, yums!













And to Street Food for some food for tea time (if you didn't know, Malaysians eat at any time of the day! Erm, actually they just eat continuously*smirks*)


Satay, one the highligted Malaysian dishes for this year




Prawn Dumplings


Fried Oyster in the making


One of the contestants dish with the theme One Malaysia

Frankly, I'm not only fascinated but also proud to be born in a country with such incredible culinary delights. This years cold displays, food presentation and fruit carvings are so much better, I've snapped so many shots for CCC, but unfortunately couldn't fit all the pictures into this blog.

However, they are on Facebook!

The only thing I found a little disappointing was that before I found out about the event, the event's own website was not updated with details, look at it here, it was just like any other website which has general non-in-depth stuff on Fabulous Food 1Malaysia.

Note to ministry, please improve on that as Malaysia is a popular tourist destination, and minus the overrated eating hot spots, tourist without contacts in the country often are subjected to overpriced, over hyped food.

But for anyone out there, check out the other website which is a general directory for our highlighted food on what it is and where to find it. Click here.

For international tourist who'd like a really foodie as a guide down here, you can always email me because I'd  love to bring you out and about for the best food in town :)



Awezome Bjoernar said...

wow, this looks delicious! I also admire the design of the dishes. Really nice, love it!

dee alyahya said...

I enjoy reading your blog!
You also have an amazing attention to details when it comes to the photos (:

-Dee Alyahya

Click Click Culinary said...

Awesome Bjoernar - thanks, its a great compliment for those who were involve in making all the dishes and the event a memorable one :)

dee alyahya - Thank you for the compliments dee! I'm flattered! :)

The Red Angel said...

Found this blog through Blogs of Note! :) Love what I'm seeing, you take fabulous photos.

I love Malaysian food!



Angela said...

These photos are fantastic and the food looks amazing! I wasn't hungry a few minutes ago, but after looking through this pictures I am ravenous.

runewake2 said...

That looks delicious!

Batteries Not Included said...

I totally just ate...and I'm hungry again. :)

Obelix said...

Very nice blog entry, I like the pictures! Malaysian food is pretty tasty indeed, and I find rendang to be particularly savoury.


English Skype lessons said...

@ The Red Angel: Same here!

Everything looks amazing in the pictures. I totally want to visit Malaysia this upcoming year. Local food is an important part of the experience :)

Click Click Culinary said...

The Red Angel - Thank you! I hope you're getting good quality and delicious Malaysian Foods over there :)

Angela - I'm sorry for making you hungry! :(

runewake2 - All thanks to those involve in making it for the event :)

Batteries Not Included - I'm sorry! Hope you grab something healthy to munch on :)

Obelix - Thanks :) Rendang is one of my personal favourite :D

English Skype lessons - Thanks, do come and visit my country :) Find me and i could bring you around for some great food :D

Levonne said...

Great food art! Congratulations on being named a blog of note. Come by when you have a few minutes.
A Camp Host Housewife's Meanderings
& Levonne's Pretty Pics

Scott said...

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heathers teas said...

Beautiful food! I don't know whether I should continue staring at it or try to eat it! lol

Duncan D. Horne said...

While most traditional Malaysian foods are detrimental to one's health (nasi lemak being a stand-out example), along with all the foods and snacks that are deep-fried, I do enjoy them once in a while.

Congratulations on becoming a blog of note! I hope that you'll have a few minutes to become acquainted with my blog about my life in Kuantan, Malaysia, and especially concerning my following of the new 5-star Zenith Hotel here.

Here's the address:


Kinsey Barnard said...

What colorful cuisine!

Click Click Culinary said...

Levonne - Thanks :) you have got great photography skills!

Scott - Thanks

heathers teas - lol! how are you gonna try to eat it? hahaaa!

Duncan D. Horne - thank you :) I hope you enjoy your stay here at Malaysia, do drop by KL for better food :D

Kinsey Barnard - All thanks to all the chefs involved :)

commoncents said...

VERY COOL! Glad I found your blog!!

Common Cents

Anonymous said...

congrats on being a blog of note. I like your posts! you can follow my blog at



RSA QLD said...

Oh wow a food festival! Everything looks so delicious, wish I was there too ;)

lipoo said...

woow ! Very cool. Everything looks so tasty ;)

Indigo said...


Café Ciza said...

Such creative spirit, such delicious and beautiful photography!

Valtteri said...

Lovely pictures! Made me so hungry! I myself love looking of pictures of other cultures than the boring Finnish culture that I myself see daily. I love the bokeh in the pictures also. What lens were these pictures taken with? Enjoy reading your blog!

California Girl said...

My first exposure to your blog. The photographs of the Malaysian food are amazingly beautiful. Some presentations are too pretty to eat.

Traci Miller said...

The photos of the food are truly beautiful! That is amazing talent! Love them!!

Totally Random Blogger said...

Ur blog makes me hungry :P

Kansas City News said...

Wow! I've never seen such wonderful food preparation. I want to try all of them! Thanks for this article :)

Adam Blue said...

Chicken Rice! That's my favorite, wish I could have been there to sample that dish. You guys should do a show in the United States :)

Click Click Culinary said...

commoncents - Thanks, glad you found it too :)

Jennifer Scavone - Thanks Jennifer! :D

RSA QLD - do come down next year because its a yearly event ;)

lipoo - the chefs would be glad to know that :)

Indigo - :D

Cafe Ciza - Thank youuuu xD

Valtteri - just a 50mm f1.8 hehe Thanks for the compliments Valtteri :)

California Girl - I agree on that, it would be a heart pain to eat such beautiful art work, hehe

Traci Miller - All thanks to all the talented chefs involved in order for me to snap some photos :)

Totally Random Blogger - Sometimes it makes me hungry too! lol!

Kansas City News - You're welcome :) come down Malaysia and try all of the food we have :D

Adam Blue - If im not mistaken, we do have quite a number of Malaysian food events in UK, Hopefully we will be in US soon enough :) At the mean time, try making it at home? Its quite easy hehe

miichu.xx said...

hey! (:
the food look great ;)
i love asian food, because i'm asian, too. ^__^
maybe i gotta ask my mom to cook me something like that xD
thank you for uploading
these pictures :3
wuuuah, i'm hungry now ~

Rose said...

The food looks mouthwatering. Wish I could grab a bite.

Bebudaksei said...

great.... blogwalking.. have nice day... http://bebudaksei.blogspot.com

Organized Working Mom said...

Your photography is amazing. I love it! Kinda hungry now though. It all looked so gooooood :)

Elen Susan said...

They look soo delicious. I would like to grab all that and have it. Love your blog. will surely return to find more of your posting.
Wishing you a very happy and blessed New year!

Click Click Culinary said...

miichu.xx - hey there :) try cooking it yourself :D glad you enjoy what i posted :)

Rose - Come down Malaysia to grab really delicious foods :D

Bedudaksei - Hoped you enjoyed blog walking here :)

Organized Working Mom - Thanks for the compliment! :)

Elen Susan - Thank you :) Good to know you'll be back :D Happy new year to you too!

Jeannie said...

Lovely food porn...love the look of that crab and prawns dish...simply lovely! Happy New Year to you.

OtakuTourist said...

I'm literally head over heels :P

awesome food

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Happy New Year!

I so love Malaysian food! Everything looks perfect!
Great photos, too! :)

All the best

Click Click Culinary said...

Jeannie - thanks but there wasnt any girls licking the food or something, lol Happy New Year to you Jeannie! :)

OtakuTourist - Thanks :D

Betty Manousos - Happy New Year to you! :) Happy to know you enjoy Malaysian cuisine! :D :D

D' Sullana said...

Muy buena comida se ve sabrosa felicidades


Greetings from Southern California.

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to :-)

God Bless You, ~Ron

Kitty Stampede said...

Congrats to you as well for the blog of note...i was sooo surprised..i didn't expect it at all..hehe.
i adore your photos..but i wish i wasn't so hungry right now...i need to go make some food..haha..your fault. ;)

great blog! but it makes me hungry. :)

Click Click Culinary said...

D'Sullana - i dont understand your language :(

The Old Geezer - Hello there! :) Great site you have there ;) God Bless you and your family too :)

Kitty Stampede - Thanks :) I'm so sorry for making you hungry :( Make sure to grab some healthy food yea? :)

Kesha Tickets said...

Its great to see that people are sharing quite profitable information with each other and now we can move our selves to a new era.

RSA QLD said...

Looks yummy! my hunger is greater than that i fill after finding such interesting delicious sea foods.

marko said...

I think the figures are incredible with meals, very artistic and very tasty

mario said...

i would love to learn to cook so I see everything organized in a creative and very artistic, Malaysia is one of the favorite foods

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