Menu Designing and Food Photography Services

If you didn't already know, CCC actually provides freelance services of menu designing.
I admit that CCC is not a professional at it (which explains why i'm not a consultant yet). With that said, CCC has already done a few jobs.

Please do not hesitate to enquire about CCC's services at

Without further ado, here's one example of the menu design CCC has done for a client;

1.The Process

What makes this food photographer different?
Actually I'd say nothing much. Just kidding! The photographer in the above picture is actually my brother, Kenneth.
You as the client are welcome to request specific shots and styling, as for us; we will consult you on how or what will look best for the final result.

What so special about this service?
This service is a collaboration between me(Edwin) and my brother(Kenneth) whose a designer by profession, animation specifically.
We will work together to enhance the image of the food on how it shall look for the camera, photograph the dish and design the menu.

I will also work hand in hand with the resident chefs and crew to help make the dish look deliciously amazing with proper food presentations and styling; hence the designing of food. On the other hand also working with my brother to tailor the menu to our clients liking and expectations. Its all about teamwork and effort.


Before the client uses CCC's Menu Designing Services. 
*Full menu could not be shown due to clients request.


And the final result after seeking CCC's professional touch. 
*Full menu could not be shown due to clients request.

Email me at for any questions and quotations.



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