Four Guang Vegetarian Fast Food

If one day you realize you're too broke to even afford a 5 Ringgit meal, what are you going to do? 'ikat perut' ?

Hopefully, you love vegetarian food. Unfortunately we always end up paying more for a vegetarian meal than a normal meal, right?

So what do I recommend?

Introducing you to the one and only CHEAP, good, healthy and clean vegetarian economy rice(chap fan)
CHEAP, as in dirt cheap, only at RM2.00! Eyes opened, jaws droppings yet?

I always pass through this road from LDP to Aman Suria to send my friends back home but this just actually never caught my eye. You know besides the ever popular Betty's Midwest Kitchen, Andes, Kayu, Murni Discovery and so on.

One fine day, my friend told me about this. "Eh this restaurant vegetarian 'chap fan' is only at Two Ringgit."

In disbelief, I asked him to repeat that sentence 3 times. And the next day we patronize it with us betting "if its not Two Ringgit you spend me" :P


See the menu? Its true! Also its a very clean open kitchen with wide array of vegetarian food.
And i got to repeat this to you to. It was really RM2! :)
I lost the bet with my friend, so I paid for lunch but in retrospect, found out a great new place to eat :P


They also serve Curry Laksa, Wantan Mee, Chee Cheong Fun and other dishes as well.


My lunch for the day :)
My personal favourite picks from all the array of food on that day.


Only thing is that after you finish your meal, you need to place your plate at the provided place.
Just like at Ikea! 
However, many customers just walk away. Somehow I feel its quite mean
(but maybe they just didnt know).


I've heard that this is like some sort of a donation by a Buddist organisation, sorta like a soup kitchen for the poor. Theres a tv which plays a monk's teachings, but its not dodgy or like a propaganda or stuff.

If i'm a successful restaurateur one day, I would love to do this kind of donation as this is the best way to donate to the public. Cheap, clean, good and healthy food just for the public. Its one of the best ways to give back.

There are varies RM2 vegetarian soup kitchens around town, check out the link below for full details on where is it located.
Pictures above are taken in the Taman Mayang branch.



synical said...

I think I might've driven past this before, but never stopped, especially the one at Kampung Chempaka... interesting.

Should make it a point to go one of these days :)

Dante said... visit my sit
and do comentary

Grubenschnitzel said...

all those people love grubenschnitzel

Click Click Culinary said...

synical - yea i havent been to the rest yet as i been stucked and in love with the one at kampung chempaka hehe enjoy your meal there :)

Pajama Chic said...

ok. this blogsite just succeeded in making my stomach growl. *blush* i fancy trying one of those. *wink*


Click Click Culinary said...

Pajama Chic - hehe you make me feel bad for making your stomach growl :<

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