Chinese Steam Egg Custard

There is always that time in a month where the "crave" for a certain food or dish becomes more and more intense. Its can honestly get rather frustrating when I don't get to satisfy myself, especially this month when I'm craving for a dish all the way from Hong Kong. I do know of some restaurants that offers this dish in this menu, but none of them has come as close as the ones I have tried in Hong Kong.

Its none other than Chinese Steam Egg Custard

I'm one person who loves eggs and milk. Therefore this combination is a match made in heaven for me. Its sweetness complimenting the savoury after taste is pure orgasm in the mouth.

And I highly recommend for you to try this as well

Chinese Steam Egg Custard
Adapted by Dodol & Mochi

1 cup (225ml) Fresh Milk
4 tsp (20gm) Sugar
1 large Egg

1. Heat up milk and sugar until fully dissolved
2. Temper eggs with milk mixture and sieve
3. Place mixture into desired mould and steam under low heat for 15-20 minutes

*Sugar syrup can be added to adjust sweetness
**Serve warm or chilled depending on preference
***Keep an eye while boiling the milk as it might froth up

Chinese Sweet Steam Egg Custard



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