Easter Chocolate Chicken Eggs

Time is honestly passing so fast, it feels as though I'm on a bullet train. Feels as though it was just new years yesterday. Nevertheless, its that time of the year again, EASTER! A celebration filled with Eggs and Bunnies. Though I do not know how the concept of eggs and bunnies came about when the real meaning of Easter has no relevance to eggs and bunnies at all. With such crazy ideas that are strong enough to set such trends, why not something new for Easter this year, Chicken Eggs for Easter.

I attended a pastry class at Academy of Pastry Arts; Easter Themed yesterday and it was an amazing experience

 Credits to Chef Frédéric Oger for the class

 Academy of Pastry was kind to provide us good refreshments. Not just another refreshment table I guess

After, the long hours of preparation, molding, tempering chocolate, spraying (which was absolutely worth it), the masterpiece is finally done. I here present you
(Each of us managed to make two Chicken Eggs)
Chef Frédéric placing the decoration down

 The cutest presentation I've seen by far

 Added the chocolate fondant roses in as the final touch

 VOILA! The masterpiece is now completed

Happy Easter to all from CCC

Also did Gingerbread House at the Acedemy of Pastry Arts two years back, click here to see the post



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