Coconut Candy

I remember how much I use to bug my mum to drive me all the way down to Malacca to just to buy some coconut candy from the all-time famous Tan Kim Hock. Now that I’m at this age, I can’t afford to bug my mum to drive me down to Malacca anymore even though the craving for coconut candy can be really overwhelming sometimes. That’s when I was inspired to attempt to make my own coconut candy. As a result, it turned out pretty good actually. 

 Used some colourful glass paper as wrappers

Coconut Candy
Adapted by New Year Snacks by Amy Wong

200gm Palm Sugar (Gula Melaka)
150gm Maltose
250ml Thick Coconut Milk (Santan)
1tbsp Sugar

1. Boil all the ingredients in a deep pot for about 15 minutes until thicken and colour turns deep brown colour (hard crack stage)
2. Pour mixture onto a parchment paper immediately
3. Leave to slightly cool down, form into a long strip and cut into small sectionals
4. Wrap in coloured glass papers

*Hard crack stage can be determined via this link
**Fresh coconut milk would be the best option if available in your area

 I decided to do some funky shape instead of just the usual shape



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